Optimizing your pages is not enough. If you wish to improve ranking of your site in the results of leading search engines, you need to provide quality backlinks to it. In this article, I describe the important things you need to know in obtaining high-quality links.

What are the most appropriate type of links?

You are able to start by adding internal links. These are links in the body of your content related to pages on your site.

Provide external links that relate to individual pages on your site. Source must be of similar to your content or subject. These may be directories, blogs, social networks, forums, ...

Links of keywords or phrases that match your topic. They can be internal or external.

How to check where there are links that point to your pages?

For this purpose, you should go to Google.com and type in the search field "link:www.mydomain.com". The search engine will list the sites that already indicate to your site.

The same you can apply it with Yahoo. There must enter "linkdomain:www.mydomain.com".

How can get quality backlinks pointing to your site?

The best way to provide quality links to your site is to create useful content. Write about your products and services. Publish your experience and knowledge. People will like what you do and will share it with their friends in social networks.

Relevant backlinks are a substantial part of the calculations that the algorithms of search engines do. They play an important role in the formation of your PageRank. Article directories are a great source of traffic and relevant links.

You can write articles for some of the popular directories for articles. In most of them are allowed to attend a few links pointing to your site. Also, the end of your articles published information about yourself, including your site.

Publish free news for websites of newspapers or news portals. Publish in blogs of friends. Publish a press release on the Internet.

Easy way to provide free links is registering your site in directories and portals. There are plenty of free directories with high pagerank, which will provide a relevant starting point.

Quick source of quality backlinks are forums and comments on blogs. Visit blogs that are similar to your content and leave comments.

In the forums, it is necessary to put a link in your signature. Use keywords for this purpose. Whenever you leave your opinion, the backlink with the keyword will be displayed and will direct search engines to your website.

Be careful!!! The relevant content is important for search engines. Focus on that! Otherwise, you may be penalized by search engines and never again appear in search results. Follow the rule - "The quality is better than quantity."

Below you will find a huge archive with directories. Take advantage of it and get quality backlinks quickly. This will help you increase your pagerank and traffic on your site.


A list of free and paid directories.

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