ITPrism Library is a collection of classes used in several extensions.

The library contains solutions used for interaction with payment gateway - PayPal, Fortumo, Stripe, WePay, Coinbase, Blockchain,...

There are some classes that extend Joomla objects - controllers, models and views used in several ITPrism extensions. Without them, the extensions would not work.

The library also provides functionality in work with files. They are used for uploading files to the server, reading and parsing of XML files,…

The extensions that use this library are Gamification Platform, Crowdfunding, Social Community, Virtual Currency, User Ideas, ITP Meta,...


You will find documentation about the library on following pages:


Prism Library is under GPL license.

Git Repository

You can find the source code and changelog on Prism Library GitHub repository.


You can get free support for this library on Prism Git repository or premium support on ITPrism members site.


Prism Library
v1.22 | 30 January 2018


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