Crowdfunding is Joomla! extension that provides functionality for building and managing websites for collective fundraising.

Users are able to publish their projects on the front page. They will use a Wizard, which will lead them step by step through the process and will facilitate the creating of their projects.

There are many standard things you might find in a crowdfunding platform - comments, updates, list of backers, rewards. Users are able to leave comments and to follow the process of projects in the section for updates.

The extension is gamified, which increases engagement and makes the fundraising an exciting experience.

The backers will discover campaigns on interactive and informative list. They can search or filter the ideas of innovators by place, categories and other criteria.

Users will be able to use campaign manager, information about all transactions, detailed statistics and other tools, that will help them to monitor what happens with theirs campaigns.

Funding goes through several steps and it is controlled by "Payment Wizard". It is possible to transfer money through PayPal, Blockchain, Coinbase ( Bitcoin ), Bank Transfer, iDEAL via Mollie, AuthorizeNet, WePay, Stripe,...

The extension is integrated with EasySocial, JomSocial, Kunena, Gravatar, Social Community, Easy Profile,...

Raise Capital

Raise Capital


Discover Projects

Project Details

Project details


Crowdfunding Options


User Friendly
User Friendly

The system is designed to provide an easy to use user interface. There are project wizard and payment wizard that lead users step by step through the process of creating campaigns and making donations.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

The crowdfunding platform was designed as responsive and mobile friendly. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap 2 and uses many of its components.

Developer Friendly
Developer Friendly

The extension makes available Crowdfunding API and many plug-in events. The structure is designed to provide an easy way of customizing and extending.
The code is well documented and follows PSR-2 coding standard.

Powerful Administration
Powerful Administration

It is possible:

  • to create, edit and approve campaigns;
  • to monitor, capture and cancel transactions;
  • to categorize projects and to make them featured;
  • to create e-mail templates and to manage the users;
  • to set up commission that will be sent to your account;
  • to search and filter the records easily;
Additional Extensions
Many additional extensions

There are many additional extensions that you will be able to install on the platform. That will add extra functionality and features.

Payment Plug-ins
Many payment plug-ins

There are several payment plugins that you will be able to use. That will give you a chance to give good payment options to your users.

Front-end Management
Good front-end management

There is a project manager that provides additional information and statistics to project owners about their campaigns. Moreover, the users will be able to monitor their transaction when they make payments.

Community Integration

The platform is integrated with some popular community extensions; - Easy Social, JomSocial, Social Community, Kunena, Gravatar, Easy Profile, ...


There are several kinds of documentation - Crowdfunding documentation, Crowdfunding API, Quick-Start Guide and Documentation for Developers.

You will find Crowdfunding ChangeLog on its GitHub repository.


You must install Prism Library because the extension needs it to work properly.


You can download locales database dump on GeoNames. I recommend you to download the file that contains cities with population greater than 15000.

And here you are some other resources:

The resources are published on GitHub and you can help with updating and editing the data.

NOTE: You have to import the currencies via "Currencies Manger", the countries via "Countries Manager" and the locations via "Locations Manager".

NOTE: You have to import the placeholders and mail templates in the extension Email Templates.


Crowdfunding is under GPLv3 license.


You will see how does it work on the demo of the crowdfunding platform.


Special tanks to our partners:

JReviews - wonderful extensions that you can use to create Joomla website with reviews.

JomSocial - amazing Joomla extension that turns the website into social network.

EasySocial - awesome social network extension for Joomla.


You can help us to translate Crowdfunding Platform using Transifex.

You will find more information about how to do it in the translation guide.

You can use ITP Transifex to create and manage Joomla! language packages.

You are able to download Crowdfunding language packages from the platform that generates them.

You have to install the packages via Joomla! Extension Manager.

Git Repositories

You can find the source code on Crowdfunding Platform Git repository.

You will find the distribution on Crowdfunding Platform Distribution Git repository.


If you want to post issues, you can do it on the Git repository. You can also get premium support on ITPrism members site.

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:


Extensions Free
Crowdfunding Platform ( v2.7.3 | 08 March, 2018 ) Crowdfunding Platform Changelog Provides functionality for managing crowdfunding campaigns. Download
Crowdfunding Finance ( v2.6 | 26 November, 2017 ) Crowdfunding Finance Changelog Provides functionality for managing transactions and payouts. Displays statistical information about the finances. Download
Crowdfunding Data ( v2.4.2 | 03 December, 2017 ) Crowdfunding Data Changelog Provides functionality for collecting user data (name, e-mail, address,...) during the process of payment. Download
Crowdfunding Files ( v2.3 | 23 February, 2017 ) Crowdfunding Files Changelog Provides functionality project owner to upload files (business plan, schemes,...). Download
Crowdfunding Partners ( v2.3 | 18 September, 2016 ) Crowdfunding Partners Changelog Provides functionality project owner to assign team members to a campaign. Download
Crowdfunding Campaigns ( v1.0 | 23 February, 2017 ) Module - Crowdfunding Campaigns Changelog Shows campaigns - successfully funded, unsuccessfuly funded, etc. Not free
Crowdfunding Categories ( v2.4 | 26 November, 2017 ) Module - Crowdfunding Categories Changelog Displays a list with categories. Not free
Crowdfunding Filters ( v2.3 ) Module - Crowdfunding Filters Changelog Adds filters on discover and category pages. Not free
Crowdfunding Filters Sorting ( v2.2 ) Module - Crowdfunding Filters Sorting Changelog Adds predefined filters for sorting. Not free
Crowdfunding Filters Towns ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Filters Towns Changelog Adds predefined filters for filtering by location. Not free
Crowdfunding Latest ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Latest Changelog Displays latest projects. Not free
Crowdfunding Most Funded ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Most Funded Changelog Displays the most funded projects. Not free
Crowdfunding Popular ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Popular Changelog Displays the most popular projects. Not free
Crowdfunding Predefined Filters ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Predefined Filters Changelog Adds predefined filters for filtering by project specifications. Not free
Crowdfunding Profile ( v2.3.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding Profile Changelog Shows information about a project owner on details page. Not free
Crowdfunding Reporting ( v2.2 ) Module - Crowdfunding Reporting Changelog Display a button that points to a page where users can report campaigns. Not free
Crowdfunding Search ( v2.3 ) Module - Crowdfunding Search Changelog Adds search form and filters. Not free
Crowdfunding User Pledges ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding User Pledges Changelog Displays a list with projects, that a person has been pledged, on his profile page. Not free
Crowdfunding User Projects ( v2.1 ) Module - Crowdfunding User Projects Changelog Displays a list with user projects on his profile page. Not free
Package - Crowdfunding Gallery ( v1.2 ) Displays project images as a gallery on the details page. It is powered by Magic Gallery. Not free
Content - Crowdfunding Info ( v2.4.1 ) Content - Crowdfunding Info Changelog Displays information about the owner of the project. Not free
Content - Crowdfunding Manager ( v2.2 ) Content - Crowdfunding Manager Changelog Adds functionality for managing project on details page. Not free
Content - Crowdfunding Details Bar ( v1.0 | 23 February, 2017 ) Content - Crowdfunding Details Bar Changelog Adds additional information about a campaign on its details page. Not free
CrowdfundingPayment - Conditions ( v1.0 | 23 February, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Conditions Changelog Shows a list of terms and conditions on the payment wizard. Not free
CrowdfundingPayment - Login ( v2.3 | 23 February, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Login Changelog Adds a login form on step 2 of the payment wizard. That form should be used from the people to login before continue with payment process. Download
Search - Crowdfunding ( v2.2 ) Search - Crowdfunding Changelog Adds functionality for searching in projects via Joomla! search. Download
Payment Plugins
CrowdfundingPayment - AuthorizeNet ( v2.0 ) Provides functionality for payment via AuthorizeNet. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Bank Transfer (v2.6| 27 November, 2017) CrowdfundingPayment - Bank Transfer Changelog Enables off-line payments as Bank Transfer transaction. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Blockchain ( v2.1 ) Provides functionality for Bitcoin payment via Blockchain. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Coinbase ( v3.1-beta1 | 22 April, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Coinbase Changelog Provides functionality for Bitcoin payment via Coinbase. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Mollie iDEAL ( v2.2 | 12 March, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Mollie iDEAL Changelog Provides functionality for iDEAL payment via Mollie. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Payeer ( v1.0-beta4 ) Enables payments via Payeer. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - PayPal Adaptive ( v2.2.1 | 27February, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - PayPal Adaptive Changelog Provides functionality for payment via PayPal Adaptive. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - PayPal Express ( v2.1 ) Provides functionality for payment via PayPal Express. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - PesaPal ( v1.2 ) Enables payments via PesaPal. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Stripe ( v2.4.1 | 07 March 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Stripe  Changelog Provides functionality for payment via Stripe. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - Stripe Connect ( v1.3.2 | 22 April, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - Stripe Connect Changelog Provides functionality for payment via Stripe Connect. Download
CrowdfundingPayment - WePay ( v2.2 | 22 April, 2017 ) CrowdfundingPayment - WePay Changelog Provides functionality for payment via WePay. Download
Third-party integration plug-ins
JomSocial - Crowdfunding Menu ( v1.2 ) JomSocial - Crowdfunding Menu Changelog Displays menu to crowdfuding pages on user profile toolbar. Not free
JomSocial - Crowdfunding Projects ( v1.1 ) JomSocial - Crowdfunding Projects Changelog Displays user campaigns on his profile as box or tab. Not free
CRON Scripts and plug-ins
Crowdfunding CRON ( v1.1 ) Crowdfunding CRON Changelog A command line script that executes CRON plug-ins. Download
CrowdfundingCRON - Intentions Notifier ( v1.1 ) CrowdfundingCRON - Intentions Notifier Changelog Sends notification message to users if there are intentions. Download
CrowdfundingCRON - Updates Notifier ( v1.2 ) CrowdfundingCRON - Updates Notifier Changelog Sends notification message to users if there are updates from project owners. Download

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