UserIdeas is an extension that provides functionality to create and manage ideas pool. This component can be also used to manage feedbacks, issues, user suggestions,...

Users are able to post suggestions and vote for ideas. The extension also provides functionality for publishing comments about these things.

You can group items in multilevel categories.

You are also able to create menu items with a list with ideas, a form which will be used for posting feedbacks or detailed information about user posts.

UserIdeas is suitable for developers because, vote buttons are initialized and managed by Joomla! plugins. The developers can use some of the followed triggers to manage user votes.

The extension is integrated with JomSocial, Easy Social, Easy Profile, Community Builder, Social Community, Kunena and Gravatar.

  • onBeforeVote - this trigger returns boolean value and can be used for verifications before the vote be stored.
  • onVote - the main purpose of this triggers is to record the user vote.
  • onAfterVote - this trigger can be used for additional processing of the result of the vote.

Items list

List with user ideas

Item details and comments

Item details and comments


User Ideas Parameters


There are several kinds of documentation - UserIdeas documentation, UserIdeas API.

You will find User Ideas changelog on its GitHub repository.


You mast install Prism Library to work the extension properly.


The extension is under GPL license.


You can find a User Ideas demo on ITPrism demos site.

Your Vote

Please, vote for User Ideas on Joomla! Extensions Directory.


You can help to improve the extension. You can translate User Ideas in your language.

More information about how to do it, you will find in the translation guide.

You can use ITP Transifex to create Joomla! language packages.

Git Repository

You will find the source code on User Ideas GitHub repository.


You can get premium support on ITPrism members site. You can also post issues on the Git repository absolutely free.

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:


Extensions Free Premium
User Ideas ( Version 2.4 ) UserIdeas Component Changelog Package that includes the component, the library and some plugins. Download
Module - UserIdeas Categories ( Version 1.0 ) Module - UserIdeas Categories Changelog Shows the categories in two layouts - list and boxes.
Module - UserIdeas Search ( Version 2.5 ) Module - UserIdeas Search Changelog Displays search form and some filters.
Module - UserIdeas Filters ( Version 1.1 ) Module - UserIdeas Filters Changelog Displays filters used for sorting items.
Module - UserIdeas Latest ( Version 2.4 ) Module - UserIdeas Latest Changelog Displays latests ideas.
Module - UserIdeas Most Voted ( Version 2.4 ) Module - UserIdeas Most Voted Changelog Displays the most voted ideas.
Module - UserIdeas Popular ( Version 2.4 ) Module - UserIdeas Popular Changelog Displays the most popular ideas.
Module - UserIdeas Items ( Version 1.4 ) Module - UserIdeas Items Changelog Displays the items.
Content - UserIdeas Toolbar ( version 1.0 ) Plugin - Content - UserIdeas Toolbar Changelog Adds a toolbar with options for sorting, filters and search field on the view Items.
Search - UserIdeas ( version 2.3 ) Plugin - Search - UserIdeas Changelog Enables functionality for searching in the component. Download
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