This is a Joomla! extension that adds social elements on the website. It is simple solution for people who wants to install social network on their sites.

The extension provides some of the most valuable features that can be found in community software.

After installation, the owners of the websites will be able to benefit from features like people profiles, wall of sharing, people following, messaging, etc.

There is a library ( SDK ) that can be used from developers for easy integration of Social Community with their applications.

This extension is developed with main purpose to be easy for integration with other Joomla! components, to be easy for use and to provide good user experience.

This version provides only one feature from planned ones, and it is a "people profile". It is published in this state because I want to give a chance to be used with some of my other extensions.

I am planning to include other features in next versions. I will implement the most-wanted features first. So, if you have any wishes and suggestions, you can contact me.




You will find documentation about this extension on following pages:


You must install Prism Library to work the extension properly.


You can download the database dump of locales from GeoNames. I suggest you to download all cities with a population greater than 15000.

Here you are other resources that you will be able to import:


The extensions is under GNU/GPLv3 license.


You can find a Social Community demo on ITPrism demos site.

Your Vote

Please, vote for Social Community on Joomla! Extensions Directory.


You can help to improve the extension. You can translate Social Community using free services of Transifex

You will find more information about the process of translation on the translation guide.

You can use ITP Transifex to create Joomla! language packages.

Git Repository

You will find its source code on Social Community GitHub repository. You should use that repository to learn more about latest changes, create installable package or contribute features by pull requests.


You can get free support for this extension on the ITPrism Git repository or premium support on ITPrism members site.

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:


Social Community Package v3.0
Package for Joomla! 3.x
[Module] SocialCommunity Bar v1.2
Module that displays information about notifications, activities, etc.
[Plugin] Content - SocialCommunity Social Profiles v1.1
Plug-in that display links to other social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. ) of the user its details page.

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