A component that provides functionality for website owners to verify their users.

The users can upload files (images, PDF, documents,...) to the server where the website owner will receive and review them. The system will encrypt those files and they will be visible only for the administrator.

Then the administrator will validate the documents and he can change the state of the user to VERIFIED. That will show to other people that the current account is owned by a real person and they can trust him.

There is an option, the system to remove the personal data automatically after a certain date.

The extension provides a library ( API ) that the developers will be able to use to integrate it with their extensions easily.


  • Uploading files - users will be able to upload pictures, PDF, documents which the administrator has to review.
  • Encrypting - all personal data will be encrypted.
  • Additional password protection - If a user would like to download one of his files, he has to enter a password to do that.
  • Remove privacy data automatically - the system will remove the files after certain days automatically. It is possible when you enable a plug-in "User - Proof of Identity".
  • Many options - there are options which you can use to manage extension functionality.
    • Display a notification when a user has been on insecure page (HTTP).
    • Auto redirect to secure page (HTTPS).
    • Option to change the folder where the encrypted files are stored. You can move the folder out of the root.







You can find documentation on the following sites:


You must install Prism Library because the extension needs it to work properly.


Proof of Identity is under GPL license.

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Git Repository

You can find the source code on Proof of Identity Git repository.


If you want to post issues, you can do it on the GitHub repository. You can also get premium support on ITPrism members site.

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:


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Proof of Identity ( Version 2.3.2 ) Proof of Identity Component Changelog Proof of Identity Package v2.3.2 for Joomla! 3.x Download
Proof of Identity - Facebook ( Version 1.1 ) Changelog of the plugin ProofOfIdentity - Facebook Enables functionality to validate user profile by its Facebook account.
Proof of Identity - Twitter ( Version 1.1 ) Changelog of the plugin ProofOfIdentity - Google Enables functionality to validate user profile by its Twitter account.
Proof of Identity - Google ( Version 1.1 ) Changelog of the plugin ProofOfIdentity - Twitter Enables functionality to validate user profile by its Google Plus account.
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