ITPTransifex is a Joomla extension that provides an easy way of managing language packages, which are published on Transifex. This component retrieves information about projects and resources using Transifex API.

You are able to create a project and with one click on a button, the system will get information about the project and its resources.

You are also able to create predefined language packages, which will make your life easier. That is a really good feature when you manage lots of multilingual products.

It is possible to export whole project ( project data, resources, packages ) in XML file or to import a project from an XML file.

There is an easy way to create packages from other ones using "Batch" functionality. That gives you a possibility to copy packages from one language as new ones in another language.

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This is a Joomla! extension that adds social elements on the website. It is simple solution for people who wants to install social network on their sites.

The extension provides some of the most valuable features that can be found in community software.

After installation, the owners of the websites will be able to benefit from features like people profiles, wall of sharing, people following, messaging, etc.

There is a library ( SDK ) that can be used from developers for easy integration of Social Community with their applications.

This extension is developed with main purpose to be easy for integration with other Joomla! components, to be easy for use and to provide good user experience.

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ITPjQuery is an extension that loads jQuery on Joomla! website. The plugin provides latest versions of jQuery library and you can select one of them.

It also provides No Conflict script that can be loaded, if you want to avoid conflict with other JavaScript libraries.

Furthermore, the plugin provides "migrate" script. You will be able to load this migration library if you want to restore deprecated features and behaviors. Thus, your old code will still run properly on jQuery 1.9 and later.

Moreover, this extension gives you a chance to load library from localhost or content delivery networks - Google CDN, jQuery CDN, Microsoft CDN and CDN JS.

There is an option that can be used for preventing including scripts.

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ITPrism Library is a collection of classes used in several extensions.

The library contains solutions used for interaction with payment gateway - PayPal, Fortumo, BitPay, ..

There are some classes that extend Joomla objects - controllers, models and views, which are used in several ITPrism extensions. Without them, the extensions would not work.

The library also provides functionality in work with files. They are used for uploading files to the server, reading and parsing of XML strings, …

The extensions which use this library are Gamification Platform, Crowdfunding, Social Community, Virtual Currency and ITPDonate.

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Feed Burner Extension

It is a simple module for Joomla! that adds a FeedBurner RSS link on your web page.

The RSS newsfeeds can help you to find more readers for your publications.

This module is an easy way for adding an external aggregated feeds. Use it to add the link anywhere you like, and as many time as you like.

You are able to choose from two types:

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