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ITPConnect is an extension for Joomla! that allow users of the site to login with their Facebook accounts. With this extension, you will take advantage from 540+ million people of Facebook. It will provide an easy way for registration of Internet users, which will increase the number of your customers.

Once your users establish the connection between social network and your site, they will be able to use all services of Facebook.

After successful authentication, the component sign up a new user automatically. The new user registration is performed by native Joomla code, and pass through all the standard verifications. The username is taken from the email of the user who connects to Facebook. The password is generated by the system automatically.

For login module, I use official "Joomla! Login Module". I just added a "Connection Button".

In the configuration settings of the extension will find a field for "Facebook Permissions". You can set the levels of access to Facebook's user data. You are also able to choose a profile picture size.

ITPConnect Login Module

Extension Parameters

ITPConnect parameters



ITPConnect is based on Facebook PHP SDK and JavaScript SDK.

Developers of Joomla extensions can take advantage of ITPConnect to develop applications for Facebook easily.

You are able to get a FB object after calling the function "ItpcHelper::getFB();", anywhere in the code.

How to install and configure?

After installation you have to enable ITPConnect plug-ins. Go on Plug-in manager and enable the plug-ins.

ITPConnect plugins

Now you have to create Facebook application.

When the application done, set Facebook Application ID and Facebook secret on the ITPConnect settings.


ITPConnect is under GPL license.

Your Vote

Please, vote for ITPConnect on Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism git repository.


The better way to get a support is the ITPrism. You can also post issues on the git repository.

Become a sponsor

You are able to help for improvement of the extension by SMS or PayPal sponsorship.

Package for Joomla! 1.7.

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