Feed Burner Extension

It is a simple module for Joomla! that adds a FeedBurner RSS link on your web page.

The RSS newsfeeds can help you to find more readers for your publications.

This module is an easy way for adding an external aggregated feeds. Use it to add the link anywhere you like, and as many time as you like.

You are able to choose from two types:

  • an icon with link;
  • an icon that count your reader - counter;

If you want to use the 'counter', you must activated that option in your FeedBurner account.

Go on FeedCount in the tab Publicize.

FeedBurner counter

Now activate the counter by clicking the button "Activate".

Activate FeedCount


The extension is under GPL license.


ITPFeedBurner demo

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Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism git repository.


You can get support on ITPrism members site. You can also post issues on the git repository.

Become a sponsor

Now you can help for the extension improvement by SMS or PayPal sponsorship.

Module for Joomla! 2.5.
Module for Joomla! 3.x.

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