Google Search Extension

This is an extension for Joomla! that adds a search engine on your site. The engine is powered by Google, and uses the custom search engine API. It is an excellent method your readers to find everything they want on your website.

Thanks to this extension, you can take advantage of the power of Google and provide quality search results from your sites. It is no longer necessary to install search plugins for Kunena, VirtueMart, FLEXIcontent, K2, Agora, JEvents, Community Polls, hwdVideoShare, jDownloads, DOCman, EventList, ZOO, Community Answers, SOBI2 ,....

This component will reach each page of your website.

It is a good way to increase your readers, customers and sales.

You are also able to make money displaying Google ads with the results. You only need to connect your AdSense account with the search engine.


ITPGoogleSearch Results


ITPGoogleSearch Parameters


The extensions is under GPL license.


And here it is ITPGoogleSearch demo

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Please, vote for the extension on Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism Git repository.


You can get a support for this extension on the ITPrism git repository or on ITPrism members site.

Become a sponsor

If you like this extension, and you wish to help for its improvement, you are able to do it by sending an SMS, PayPal or Bitcoin sponsorship.


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