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ITPMeta is an easy way to add any code in the "head" of your web pages. You are able to put meta tags into selected pages. You can also put meta information globally - across all pages of your site.

There is a list of popular Facebook and Open Graph meta tags. You will be able to put them into the content with only one click of the mouse.

Facebook uses the Open Graph Protocol to extract the proper description about shared links. Google also uses Facebook share to index your publications better.

Use Open Graph metadata to improve search engine optimization of your site. It will help you increase your pagerank. Your pages will raise their position in search engine results.

Available tags

ITPMeta Open Graph Tags


ITPMeta Parameters


The extension needs ITPrism Library to work properly and you must install it.


I have described the protocol in the article "Why Open Graph Protocol is good for SEO and social networks?".

Here it is ITPMeta Documentation.

You will find ITPMeta changelog on its GitHub Repository.


ITPMeta is under GPL license. It is available as Free and Paid edition. The FREE edition displays backlink to author site.


Here it is ITPMeta demo.

Your Vote

Please, vote for the extension on Joomla! Directory.

Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism Git repository.


You can get support on ITPrism members site. You can also post issues on the Git repository.

Become a sponsor

If you like this extension, you can help for its improvement by SMS, PayPal or Bitcoin sponsorship.

Comparison between Lite and PRO version

OpenGraph Tags
Facebook Tags
SEO Tags
Twitter Card Tags
Google Tags
( Author, Publisher,... )
Bing Tags
Alexa Tags
Robots Tags
Dublin Core Tags
Generates canonical link
Collects URL automatically
The plugin "System - ITPMeta URLs" does that.
Generates Tags Automatically*
The plugin "System - ITPMeta Tags" does that.
NO BACKLINKS to the author site
    Download Pro
  • The plugin System - ITPMeta Tags generates meta tags automatically. The plugin collects data from Joomla! content (com_content), K2 (com_k2), Cobalt (com_cobalt), CrowdFunding (com_crowdfunding), UserIdeas (com_userideas), ITP Donate (com_itpdonate), Social Community (com_socialcommunity),... The plugin generates title, description, URL, image, canonical,...

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:

  • Joomla! 3.2
  • PHP 5.3 and above
  • MySQL 5.1
  • cURL, fopen
  • Magic Quotes - disabled ( off )


ITPMeta Package ( version 3.9 )
Package for Joomla! 3.2.

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