This is a module for Joomla! that implements a Facebook recommendations plugin. The module displays a list with personalized recommendations. To generate the list of recommendations the extension considers all social interactions with URLs from your website.

Logged in the social network users will receive highlight objects of friends who have interacted with the content of your website.

The module uses a native Facebook code. It is a multilingual, fast end easy for configuration.

Users of your site will find your most popular articles quickly . That will help you to increase your traffic and reduce bounce rate.

ITPFacebook Recommendations module


ITPFacebook Recommendations parameters


Read ITP Facebook Recommendations documentation in the help section.


The extension is under GPL license.


That is ITPFacebookRecommendations demo

Your Vote

Please, vote for the extension on J!ED.


You can help to improve the extension. You can do that translating ITPFacebookRecommendations in your language.

More information about the process of translation will find in the translation guide.

Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism git repository.


You will find support on ITPrism members site. You can also post issues on the git repository.

Become a sponsor

You can help for extension improvement by SMS or PayPal sponsorship.


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