It is a documentation for the extension Vip Portfolio. In this publication, I describe all steps to make a portfolio, using the component. I also describe how to set the settings and some of their peculiarity. You will find information for upgrading and better management.

Create a category [ The First Step ]

You are able to create categories if you want to arrange your projects. It is not necessary but is sensibly.

Choose to create new category

Now you have to fill the fields and choose an image for the category.

  1. Check the box "Published?" if you want to create a category visible.
  2. Enter the name and alias. The alias is a part of URL which you will see in the browser. It is available only when you turn on the SEF of your Joomla!.
  3. Choose the category image from your computer.

Fill category fields

Send the data by clicking the button "Save".

Save category


Add a project [ The second step ]

It is a moment which you will add a project in the list.

New project

You have to fill all information about the current project.

  1. Check the box "Published?" to save it visible.
  2. Choose the right category.
  3. Enter а title.
  4. Describe the project.
  5. Enter an URL if available.
  6. Select a thumbnail from your computer - it is a small image that everyone sees first.
  7. Select an image too - it is a big image that everyone will see after a click on the thumbnail.

Put all data about the project

Click on the button "Save" and store the data.

Save the project


Show the projects on your site [ The third step ]

Now you have to add a new menu item. Choose one of your menus and ....

Choose joomla menu

click on the button "New"

New item

You have to click on "Vip Portfolio" and after that you should choose one of the alternatives - category list or projects.

Vop Portfolio options

Enter a title and an alias in the "Menu Item Details" form. You should select other options for the menu item, if you want.

Fill the menu item details

Select the layout style and category from the parameters on the right side.

Vip Portfolio Parameters

Save the new menu item.

Save the new menu item



Go on the page with the component settings.

Vip Portfolio Settings

The "Global" are the main settings of the extensions.

It is the place where you can load JavaScript libraries, if some of the layouts needs.

Global settings

Other tabs contain specific options for projects layouts and category layouts.

Check which layout did you select on the menu parameters and set the right options.

How to remove the backlink?

There are two released of VipPortfolio - Lite and PRO. The PRO version does not display backlink to author site. You have to subscribe for one of premium plans and download Vip Portfolio PRO.


When I publish a new release, and you decide to upgrade the extension, you should follow next steps:

  1. Make a backup of your site ( database and files ) ( optional but highly recommended );
  2. Install the new version over the old one;
  3. Check the extension settings and menu items for changes;

The script keeps the existing data and everything will be as before.

Upgrade to version 3.5

IMPORTANT: Follow next steps if you want to upgrade to version 3.5.

  1. Install the new version (v3.5) over the old one.
  2. Now you have to uninstall the package ( Vip Portfolio Package ). That will remove some files that should not be there. The data you have entered so far will be saved.
  3. Install the new version (v3.5) again.
  4. Adjust your menu items.

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