This is a list of answers of common questions about the extension Vip Portfolio. You will find solutions and suggestions that will help you to customize the extension fast.

Why I can't upload images for categories, and I am getting an error 500?

If you have updated the extension, and you can't upload images, you probably have not added all columns in the tables of the database. Go to Vip Porfolio documentation and read paragraph "Upgrade". Check which columns you have to add and finish the upgrading.

What does it mean "Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in...."

When you receive this error, it means that the version of PHP is 4. The extension is written for PHP 5. To take advantage of VipPortfolo, you must upgrade your PHP. If your site is on shared hosting contact support. They will help you.

Why the description stands below the picture?

Parameter "width" of the CSS class for the description (itp-vp-text-box) is set to "auto". You must specify a fixed value to be able the description to stand on the right side of the image.

For example:

.itp-vp-text-box {
margin-left: 5px;


.itp-vp-text-box {
margin-left: 5px;

You will find the "itp-vp-text-box" class in that file.


How to enable modal lightbox?

If you want to enable Slimbox or another modal window you have to:

  1. Go on the VipPortfolio settings;
  2. Choose the tab with settings for the layout that you use;
  3. Set "Yes" for the options "Modal window";
  4. Now go on the first tab "Global" and select a lightbox from the options "Modal box library";
  5. Save!

That's it.

How to remove the backlink?

If you use Vip Portfolio Lite you cannot remove the backlink.

You are able to subscribe for premium services and download Vip Portfolio Pro. The Pro version comes with many great features and the backlink missing.

How to make a donation for Vip Portoflio?

If you like Vip Portfolio or ITPrism extensions, you can submit your contribution to support their development, improvement and maintenance. You can do it via SMS, PayPal or BotCoin. I will be very grateful.


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