ITPSubscribe is a good way to reach new readers. Users of your site can easily subscribe to your RSS feed. It provides quick access to Facebook fan page and your Twitter profile name.

In this post, I describe the settings that you should set it. You will find answers to some of your questions. You will learn how to add icons and how to set up FeedBurner form for e-mail subscription.

ITPSubscribe Module

RSS subscription

The first thing you should do is to provide an RSS feed. For this purpose, I use FeedBurner and my address looks like this.

RSS subscription options

Address you cat register in FeedBurner will be the URL of your page + &format=feed&type=rss.
For example:
If your blog is located at
This address to the RSS feed will be

Facebook subscription

It is the icon that points to your Facebook fan page, profile, group,... You should enter an URL link in the field „Facebook url“.

Facebook fan page options

Twitter subscription

That icon points to your Twitter profile. You have to enter the name of your profile in the filed „Your Twitter url“.

Twitter profile options

E-Mail subscription

For the e-mail icon, you should set a link to your newsletter subscription form.

E-Mail subscription options

Extra Twitter icons

That is the list with Twitter icons. There are large and small. There are fun, interesting and not so interesting buttons. This is a different way to draw attention to your Twitter profile. You just enter the profile name in the field „Your Twitter url“;

Extra twitter options

FeedBurner form

This is the FeedBurner form that allows your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed from your site. To add this form on your website site you must be enabled Email subscriptions in FeedBurner account.

Feedburner email subsription activation

Then enter your URI. This is the end of your FeedBurner address. In my case, that is itprism ( ).

FeedBurner form options

How to add your subscription button?

To add a new icon you need to enter HTML code. For example, I will give YouTube.

If you want to add an icon that points to the address of your YouTube account, you can do following things:

01Upload a file using the "Media Manager";

Media Manager

02Go to "Advanced Options" of ITPSubscribe and paste this code that following in a field "Button code";

<a href=""> <img src="/images/youtube.png" title="Watch a video" alt="Watch a video" style="border: 0pt none; vertical-align: middle;"></a>

03Change the URL and image name if necessary;

Extra buttons codes options


ITPSubscribe plugin

Like the module, you should enter the URL of your RSS feed and the URI of your FeedBurner link (

ITPSubscribe plugin parameters


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