This is the documentation and answers to frequently asked questions about the extension ITPSocialButtons. You will learn how to add additional icons and change the CSS style. You will learn how to set "Shortener URL services".

How to add buttons only in selected articles?

To put the buttons in a certain article, you must first exlude categories. Enter a list with IDs of the categories in the field "Excluded categories". Then fill the field "Display in that articles" with a list of IDs of articles in which you want to be rendered.

Show onliy in specify articles

How to change the CSS styles of the extension?

To change the space between the buttons, dividing lines or want to set your style, you must edit the file "plugins/content/itpsocialbuttons/style.css". Open it with your favorite text editor and set your parameters.

Change extension styles

How to add your social buttons?

There are specially prepared fields for additional buttons. You must fill them with HTML code that will display the link. You will find them in the section "Advanced options" in the extension options.

  • Fill the box "Button code 1".
  • Set the indicator for {URL} where required address. This will be replaced by the address of the current page automatically by the system.
  • Set indicator {TITLE} at the place for title, if necessary. It will also be automatically replaced by the title of the article.
  • Save!

Add extra buttons

How to set up a shortener URL service?

To take advantage of shortening URL you should get an API key. For the purpose register in one of these services -,, ( is part of and use an API key).

Once you have successfully registered and have a key, go to "Advanced options" of ITPSocialButtons. Enter your username in the field "Login" and fill the filed "API key". Select "Shortener service" and save the settings. That's it!

Shortener URL Serivce


How to display e-mail icon "Send to Friend"?

To display an e-mail icon you should add a code in one of the fields for additional buttons. The code that you have to add is:

<itp:email src="/...link_to_mail_icon..." />


<itp:email src="" />

How to enable the extensions for JoomShopping?

If you want to use ITPSocialButtons on JoomShopping, you should enable content plugins for that extension. You have to set "Yes" for options "Use content plugins in descriptions".

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