This is a documentation of ITPFloatingShare. You will find answers of frequently answered questions that will help you to setup the extension easily. You can use this article as a help guide.


There are three positions you are able to add button on your page.

  • left - the system displays buttons on the left side of content;
  • right - the system displays buttons on the right side of the content;
  • floating - the buttons will be displayed in floating box on the page. You are able to set coordinates of that box.


There are ten social buttons that you are able to display on your pages. If you want to disable a button, just set its option to "Hide" and it will not be displayed.

The buttons have a type or a style. If you want to change its look you can do it selecting a new value for the options "Button Style" or "Button Type."


Some of the social plugins are multilingual. You can set a language for these plugins manually. You are also able to set up system to detect a language automatically. To do that, you should set the option "Auto Language" to "Yes." The option is located in "Advanced Options."

Auto Language

Additional Buttons

The section "Additional Buttons" contains five textarea fields you can use to put a code of other social plugins. So if you want to display a button which missing in the list provided by ITP Floating Share, you can add your code using these fields. The system will add your social widget to existing ones.

Additional Buttons

Don not forget to put the code into a <div>...</div> tag. Set a CSS class or own style to adjust it to the other buttons.

Short URL Services Options

Short URL service is an online tools that convert your long URLs to short ones. ITPFloatingShare provides some of the most popular short URL tools that you can use absolutely free.

  • - you have to have a registration in Google and should register API key.
  •,, - to use these services you should set the username and API key. Go to, register yourself and get legacy API key. You can use the key with all three short URL services of bitly.
  • - it is another online tool that you are able to use to reduce your URL addresses. Go to, register yourself and get API key. You should fill the username and key in the fields of the options.

Short URL services

Advanced Options

That is a section with options you can use to configure how the extension work with other ones. You will be able disable buttons for some of the popular Joomla! extensions - K2, VirtueMart, EasyBlog, MyBlog, HikaShop, JoomShopping, Vip Portfolio, ZOO,...

You will be also able to disable loading of JavaScript libraries for some of the social plugins. It is a useful option when you have several social widgets from a same provider. You would like to load their library only once, rather than individually. This will make your site faster.

For example:

You have Facebook Like button, Facebook Like box, Facebook Comments. These three social plugins are powered by script "//" which is loaded from Facebook. It will be better solution if you put this script in one of template files and disable its loading by extensions you are using. Thus, this script will be loaded only once and will initialize all widgets.

Load JavaScript Library

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