ITP Facebook Activity Feed is a module for Joomla! that displays activities recently taking by users on your website. These activities come from users who interact with content of your website, such as like, play, watch,... The extension also displays them when someone shares content or leaves a comment on page on your website.

Basic options


If you want to display activities of people who interact with the content of your website, you should enter a domain name of the site.


You are able to select one of three ways the code will be implemented.

  • HTML5 - select this option if the code of your site is based on HTML5 standard. You can check it by viewing the code of a page. If it starts with "<!DOCTYPE html>" then your code is based on HTML5 standards.
  • XFBML- it is an old markup provided by Facebook and it works with older HTML standards.
  • IFRAME - it is a native HTML tag that works with all standards.

Link target

This option specifies the location where you will load the link on which you have been clicked.

  • _blank - the link will be opened in a new window
  • _top - the link will be opened in the same window
  • _parent - the link will be opened in the current window

NOTE: All links to Facebook URLs will be always opened in a new window.

Implementation options

Application ID

If you want to display activities associated with your Facebook application, you should set its ID. Thus, the extension will display all actions taken by users associated with that application.

Language and Auto language

If you want to specify a language of the plugin, select your choose for the option "Language."

If your site is multilingual, you can let the system to select using locales of the current choice of the guests, who has visited your page. You can do it by setting the option "Auto

Language" to "Yes."


You are able to specify action types that will be displayed in the box. The module will display only those activities that are specified in the list.

Load Facebook JS library

All social plugins of Facebook are initialized by a JavaScript library "all.js". If you have several plugins, that library will be loaded many times. It is enough to be loaded once by one of the extensions. So you can disable its loading using this option and you will prevent multiple requests to Facebook servers. That will improve the performance of your website and pages will be loaded faster.

Facebook root DIV

All Facebook plugins need a div tag with ID "root", but it is enough to have only one in the HTML code. So, if the tag is already present in the code, you should disable its adding. That will prevent its duplication. You can do it setting this option to “No."

How to translate ITP Facebook Activity Feed in your language?

You can translate this module in your language using Transifex. You have to sign in to the system and start from ITP Facebook Activity Feed translation project. For more information, you can read the article “How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language?"

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