These are a documentation and answers of frequently asked questions about Vip Quotes. This article describes features and options of Lite and PRO version.


I start with backend of the extension and I am going to describe you all features and options.


  • Images* - this is a section with options used to manage pictures.
  • Quote - these options are used in the view when the system displays a quote.
  • Security* - these options improve security of the extension
    • captcha - this is a code that used will have to enter when add a quote on frontend.
    • auto publish - if you set "On," the system will publish quote automatically when someone adds it from the frontend.
    • send email - if you set "On," the system will send an e-mail to the administrator when someone adds a quote.
    • verify quote - this option enables the functionality that monitors for duplicate quotations. If you set "On," the system will not allow adding a quote if it already exists in the database.
  • SEO - these are options that you can use to improve search engine visibility.
  • Facebook* - these options are needed for application that you will use to connect to your facebook account, and manage your fan pages.

NOTE: The options with red star * are part of the PRO version.


Use categories to group your quotes and make lists by topics. Set SEO options to improve visibility for search engines.

Follow next steps and create a category.

01.Enter title, alias and description.

02.Upload an image of the category.

Upload category image

03.Fill fields in Metadata Options. ( The metadata options and alias are important for SEO )


Authors ( PRO version only )

This section provides a functionality to create and manage a list of authors. You are able to write information about author and upload photo.

The system will generate a thumbnail when you upload a photo. You can use "Thumbnail size options" to set a size of the picture.

Thumbnail size


This is a quotes manager that you will use to add, edit and manage your lists of quotations.

Facebook Pages ( PRO version only )

That is a manager of Facebook fan pages and tabs. If you have a Facebook fan page and want to add a tab to a page, you should use this manager. Follow next steps:

01.Create and configure application that you will use for connection to your Facebook account.

02.Click on the button "Connect" to connect to your application and give access to your fan pages.

Connect to Facebook application

03.Click on the button "Update All" to load the list with fan pages.

Update fan pages

04.Select a fan page.

Select fan page

05.Click on the button "New" to add a tab.

06.Enter a name of the tab and application ID.

Enter title and application ID

07.Click on buttons "Save."

Now, I am going to describe you how to create menu items and how to configure frontend.


Menu items

The views Authors, Author and Form are available only in PRO version

To create an item you have to select a type and configure "Advanced Options." Follow next steps:

01.Go to the menu and click on "Add new menu item."

Create menu item

02.Select a menu item type.

Select menu item type

03.You have to select from "Author," "Authors," "Category," "Categories," "Form." Choose one from them.

A list with menu item types

04.Enter a "Menu Title" and set "Advanced Options."

Menu item advanced options

05.Save the menu item.


Menu Item Types

  • Author - that is a view with information about author. ( PRO version only )
  • Authors - that view displays a list with authors. ( PRO version only )
  • Categories - that is a view with all categories.
  • Category - that view displays quotes for a category.
  • Form - that view displays a form that users will use to send quotes. ( PRO version only )


How to configure Facebook application that you will use to connect to your account and manage fan pages?

You have to create Facebook application.

01.Enter "Site URL" in options for "Website with Facebook Login"

Website login domain name

02.Save changes

03.Copy "App ID/API Key" and "App secret" and paste them into the fields in Vip Quotes Options -> Facebook.

Facebook App ID and App secret

04.Now, go to "Facebook Pages" and click on button "Connect."

05.You will be redirected to Facebook platform that will ask you for permissions for your fan pages.

06.Click on "Allow" and give permissions. You will be redirected back to administration.

Facebook application permissions

07.Now, you are able to download information about your pages clicking on button "Update All."


How to configure Facebook application that you will use as a tab?

01.You have to create new Facebook application and enter some values for "Page Tab" settings.

Facebook application using for tab

02.Enter a name of your tab.

03.Enter a link to your page. At the end of the link you have to add a parameter "tmpl=component". This parameter will tell to the system not to load design.

04.Upload image and set width of the tab.

05.Save changes.

06.Copy "App ID/API Key" from that application.

07.Go to Facebook Pages in the administration of Vip Quotes.

08.Select a page and click on the button "New" to create a tab.

09.Paste copied "App ID/API Key" into the field "Application ID".

10.Save and the new tab will be installed.


How to export and import data?

Go to "Quotes" manager in the administrator panel and there you will find two buttons "Import" and "Export".

Import and Export quotes

Clicking on the button "Export" the system will archive all quotes and you will be able to download them as a file.

Clicking on the button "Import" you will be redirected to "Import manager" where you will be able to import archives.

How to import quotes from Joomla! 1.5?

The file from Joomla! 1.5 is a CSV file archived in TAR method and compressed in GZip format.

You have to extract this file before upload it to the "Import Manager". You can use 7-zip to extract the CSV file. Follow next steps:

  • Download 7zip
  • Extract the TAR file
  • Extract CSV file from the TAR archive

The CSV file should look like this.


Vip Random Quotes Module

This is a module that displays quotes randomly. You can select a category that will be used for a source from where quotes will be loaded. You will be able to select an author and his quotes will be displayed.

Vip Last Quotes Module

This module displays latest published quotes. You are able to select a category that will be used for a source from where the module will load quotes. You can also select an author which quotes will be displayed.

Search - Vip Quotes Plugin

This plugin is used for implementation search functionality to Joomla! search component. Enable that plugin if you want to list results from Vip Quotes in results.

How to remove the backlink?

There are two types of VipQuotes - Lite and PRO. The PRO version does not display backlink to author site. You have to subscribe for one of premium plans and you will be able to download Vip Quotes PRO.

How to translate Vip Qutoes in your language?

You can translate this extension in your language using Transifex. Go to the system and sign in. Find Vip Quotes translation project and start translating. If you need more information read the article "How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language?"

You can also use ITP Transifex to create language packages.

How to upgrade the extension?

The better way to upgrade the extensions is:

  1. Make a backup of your site ( database and files ) ( optional but highly recommended );
  2. Install the new version over the old one ( all previous data will be saved );
  3. Check the extension settings and menu items for changes;
  4. Check for a new version of ITPrism Library. If there is a new version, install it.
  5. You should also upgrade all other modules and plugins, which work with Vip Quotes.

NOTE: The system will replace old files with new ones. All data will be saved.

It is a good practice to have a copy of your website on a subdomain. It can be something like You should upgrade Vip Quotes on this test site first. That will be useful for you because you will be able to explore the newest features and configuration options. When all is OK, you will know how to upgrade the extension on your production website fast.

How to upgrade to version 2.6?

  1. Follow above instructions.
  2. When installation completes, download and follow these instructions.

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