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In the past few months, I was focused on developing new extensions. So I could not publish new versions of many extensions which you currently use. I sincerely apologize to you for that!

However, I managed to improve some of them. Below you will learn about the changes that I did, and about the new projects that I launched. You will also learn about my plans for this month.

Newest ITPrism extensions

ITP Facebook Recommendations Bar v1.0

This extension implements a new social plugin of Facebook. The plugin displays a box that contains recommended articles. This box is always docked on the lower right or left on the page.

Gamification Platform v1.0

This is a platform used for gamifying Joomla. It will provide many popular game mechanics and API. They will be used from developers who want to gamify Joomla extensions.

CrowdFunding v1.0

This is an extension that provides functionality for creating and managing crowd funding websites.

Lat two extensions are the core of my new project JoomlaFunding.com.

Upgraded extensions

ITP Facebook Like Box v1.7

  • It was fixed an issue with color schema in HTML5 renderer. 
  • It was also added Lithuanian translation and option to make the box responsive.
  • The extension was ported to Joomla! 3.x

Vip Quotes v2.4

  • It was added functionality for import and export quotes. Now, you are able to import quotes from the version of Joomla! 1.5. Read the documentation before start doing that..
  • The extension works with enabled PHP magic quotes.
  • Many options were moved from component settings to views - category, categories.
  • It was added filters on front page.
  • There is a new layout that lists quotes in a list of divs.
  • The extension was ported to Joomla! 3.x

ITP Donate v1.3

One of the big changes in this version is removing of foreign keys. Now, you are able to use ITPDonate with old MySQL database (older than 5.1). Here you are the full list with changes:

  • Added pagination on sponsors list.
  • Removed foreign keys
  • Added URI alias to causes.
  • Added keepalive on causes and campaigns views.
  • Replaced the control panel with dashboard
  • Improved usability
  • Fixed some issues

Vip Portfolio 3.5

I have not updated this component for a long time, but I will describe the changes in the latest version.

  • Added Slide Gallery View
  • Added more option to Scroll Gallery View - auto scroll, linkable, animation start and speed,...
  • Added filters - category,...
  • Added multiple select in the a category view option. Now you are able to select categories that you want to display.
  • The layouts have been moved to views. ( Now the extension use views to display categories and projects ).
  • Improved the multilanguage
  • Improved

ITP Meta v3.5

This extension was ported to Joomla! 3.x and it was added many new tags.

  • Added Open Graph Protocol - Music tags
  • Added ordering of the tags.
  • Added publishing for tags.
  • Now works with enabled magic quotes.
  • Added functionality to put custom code in pages.
  • It was moved the options from component to plugins
  • It was improved the plugin "System - ITPMeta"

ITP Floating Share v1.6

The extension was ported to Joomla! 3.x, was fixed an issue with K2 (com_k2) and was improved the floating functionality.

ITP Facebook Activity Feed v1.3

It was added a new option ”filter” and was ported to J! 3.

ITP Facebook Facepile v1.2

The extension was improved and ported to J! 3.

ITP Facebook Recommendations v1.3

It was ported to Joomla 3.x and improved.

My plans for this month

I am planning to finish with porting of my extension to Joomla 3.x to end of the month.

I am also planning to publish new version of ITPMeta and VipPortfolio.

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