We have good news about Crowdfunding Paltform, Gamification Platform and Magic Gallery. They all have new releases and you will be able to take the advantage of theirs new features.

Crowdfunding v2.5

You should know about the following improvements that make the extension faster and stable.

  • It was improved the process of creating transactions manually. Now, the system updates funded amount automatically.
  • Improved dates formatting. It fixed the issue with some date formats.
  • Improved the formatting of money amounts. The system uses PHP Intl to format amounts depending on user locale. You will have to be sure that PHP Intl has been enabled on your hosting, before upgrade to v2.5.
  • Improved the performance removing many duplication calls to the database. Now, the system uses less memory and works faster. However, that makes the platform not backward compatible. You will have to upgrade all components, modules and plugins that you use with the crowdfunding platform.
  • Improved the payment process implementing some new payment and transaction events. That makes the payment process more powerful and easier for extending.
  • The global options of the platform were reworked. Now, they are more user friendly.
  • It was added project options, menu options and global options. Project options will be able to override menu options. The menu item options will be able to override global options.
  • It was improved the module Crowdfunding Info. It was added alternative layout with additional information.
  • Added update servers to all extensions. Now, you will be able to upgrade the extensions via Joomla! Update manager and you will be able to receive notification about new releases of the premium extensions.

You can find more information about changes in Crowdfunding Platform changelog.

Gamification Platform v2.1

The most important things in the new release of the gamification platform are:

  • It was added achievements and rewards.
  • Gamification library was reworked and improved. It was implemented many observable game mechanic managers. Now, it is easier for extending, uses less memory and works faster.
  • Fixed an issue that causes an error on PHP 7.
  • Fixed compatibility issue between the gamification platform and Prism Library.
  • The documentation of the gamification platform was actualized.

Magic Gallery v1.2

It was fixed several issues and added update server. Now it will be able to be upgraded via Joomla! Update manager. We also make it to work with the latest version of Prism Library.

You will find more information about changes on the Magic Gallery changelog.

ITP Facebook Like Box v1.12

We improved the code and fixed few issues. We also replaced option "show posts" with "tabs" and added options Hide call to action (CTA), Adapt to plugin container width and Small Header.

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