This is information and release notes about newest features in User Ideas, Social Community, ITP Meta, Magic Gallery, ITP Transifex and Crowdfunding Platform. You will also learn about new featurs on our webistes.

User Ideas v2.4

We added a view Categories and now, you will be able to show a list with your User Ideas categories. We also added a layout that shows subcategories on the view Category. It will be possible to display the subcategories of a category if you enable that feature.

We implemented functionality that allows you to upload files. The files will be attached to an item or a comment. You will be able to select a filesystem - local or Amazon S3. That will help you to make your website faster combining Amazon S3 with CloudFront.

Now, it is possible to convert the counter of votes to a button. Your users will be able to vote for an item clicking on the counter.

We added two content events on view Items - onContentBeforeDisplay and onContentAfterDisplay. The developers will be able to extension that view easily. You can use our new premium plugin Content - UserIdeas Toolbar as example.

We also did a premium Module - User Ideas Categories.

We improved our premium modules and now they work faster. It was removed all duplication calls to database and some data was cached.

You will find the full list of changes in UserIdeas changelog.

Social Community v2.2.2

It was implemented functionality to select filesystem - local or Amazon S3. That will help you to make your website more scalable.

We added a layout Login/Registration on the profile page. The system will show login and registration form on the menu item Profile if the user that tries to access the page is not signed in the website.

The user can crop their profile pictures and the fields phone and address are encrypted now.

You will find all changes in the Social Community changelog.

ITP Meta v2.5

We added support for EShop and now, the premium plugins generates meta tags for EShop automatically. We also added an option Auto-update Period to the plugin System - ITPMeta Tags. You should use that option to set a period in which the system will NOT check for changes in meta tags.

Magic Gallery v1.3

It was added functionality to upload the media files on Amazon S3. You can select from two filesystems - local and Amazon S3. We also added an option that you should use to specify a quality of an image when resize it and thumbnail when create it.

We also added a new lightbox Swipebox that you will be able to use with your galleries.

ITP Transifex v3.0

This extension was totally reworked. Now, you will have to specify the relative path to your resources. That makes the packages more flexible and easy for managing.

Crowdfunding Platform v2.5.3

We improved the functionality for uploading campaign pictures. Now, you can specify an image quality and the system will convert the pictures to that quality value. Furthermore, the system will not be forced to convert all pictures to PNG format. The system will keep the format of the pictures uploaded by your users.

We also added options that you can use to restrict changes of project goal and duration. You should activate those options by the settings of the plugin Content - Crowdfunding Validator.

What is new on our websites?

We enabled Feature Request service on our member site. You can publish and vote for feature requests now. Your votes will change their priority and will help us to know which features are most valuable for developing.

We also started to include links to the update server for all extensions, including premium ones. You will be able to receive notification in your administration panel when we publish new release of an extension. That will help you to know in time, which extensions you will have to upgrade via Joomla Update Manager and which you will have to download manually from our member site.

We started adding links to the changelogs of our free and premium extensions. In near future, you will be informed about changes in all extensions easier. For example, you can look User Ideas Download section.


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