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Last month, it was completed some new extensions. Now, the ITPrism fans can download extensions, which generate virtual currency, adds social features on websites and other, which can be used for creating ideas pool.

Here you are more information about latest ITPrism extensions and updates.

User Ideas v1.1

That package contains component, modules and plugins, which can be used as ideas pool, feedback manager or user suggestions tool. Users will be able to vote for posts and they also will be able to discuss posts, because the component provides comments.

It is suitable for developers because votes are managed by triggers - onBeforeVote, onVote, onAfterVote. So, everyone will be able to develop a vote functionality easily.

Virtual Currency v1.0

That extension can be used as a currency generator and accounts manager. You will be able to generate coins, credits or other virtual currencies.

It comes with SDK that provides an easy way for integration. Using that library, the developers will be able to integrate virtual currency with their applications fast and easily.

It is really good gamification tool, and you can use it to gamify Joomla extensions.

Social Community v1.0

This is a very simple solution that can be used for adding social features to Joomla! websites. First version provides only one thing - user profile. So, user will be able to create their profiles uploading image and writing BIO information about them.

The extension also provides a "Social Library" ( SDK ) that will be used from developers in the integration of Social Community to their applications.

The main goal that I pursue is to develop an extension that provides the most useful social features. In next versions, I am planning to include some of the most-wanted  things which people want.

ITP jQuery v1.2

That is a plugin used for loading jQuery library on a website powered by Joomla! 2.5. The plugin also includes jQuery Migrate script and noConflict script, which prevents conflicts with other JavaScript libraries.

The libraries can be loaded from localhost, Google CDN, Microsoft CDN and jQuery CDN.

ITP Google AdSense v1.4

It was upgraded to version 1.4, and it was added a form field for custom code. Now, you are able to put own code in the page HTML.

What is new on the Members site?

I have installed User Ideas on ITPrism members site. Now, you are able to post suggestions for new features which you want to see in the ITPrism extensions. You can vote for the suggestions using coins that can buy using Virtual Currency. One coin costs €0.10 ( 10 Coins = €1 ) and one vote costs 10 coins ( 1 vote = €1 ).

The purpose of the ideas pool is to provide an easy and cheap way for custom development. It will be cheap because the new features will be financed by many people. It will be something like collective fundraising for new features. So, you can post your wishes, and the members will be able to vote for them. I will implement the most voted ideas first.

My plans for this month...

This month, I am going to complete the new version of CrowdFunding. I am also planning to port it to Joomla! 3.1. I will be also focused on Gamification platform, and one of the things that I will do is to gamify some Joomla! processes.

And the most important thing for me this month is to write documentation about all ITPrism extensions. I will definitely do that.

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