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In June and July, I published some new versions of extensions. I am going to describe the changes and inform you about the newest features.

ITP jQuery v1.3

  • It was added an option for loading jQuery on backend.
  • It was upgraded libraries to new versions.
  • It was added a new content delivery network named CDNJS.

ITPFacebookFacepile v1.3

  • It was added a new option, which displays a counter and it was fixed a bug in rendering using iFrame.

ITPFloatingShare v1.7

  • It was added an option for including and excluding K2 categories.
  • It was fixed a bug of Pinterest button.
  • It was added a new option "Kid Directed Site" to the Facebook button.
  • The support for EasyBlog was removed because that extension already provides sharing buttons.

ITPFacebookLikeBox v1.9

  • I fixed two bugs - a bug with responsive design and a bug with the width of the extension.
  • I replaced the option "Border Color" with other one "Show Border". The border color has been removed via Facebook.
  • I added these languages:
    • Czech (Czech Republic)
    • Italian (Italy)
    • Spanish (Spain)

ITPMeta v3.7

  • I moved the tags manger to URL manager. Now, they are merged.
  • I added a new tag og:video:url and I fixed some bugs.

Vip Portfolio v3.7

  • I added a new view that uses Camera script.
  • I added a new option for scaling images when they are resized, and new options to "Slide Gallery" view.
  • I also fixed some issues.

Vip Quotes v2.5.1

  • I added some events and now developers are able to do plugins, which use them. The events are onContentPrepare, onContentBeforeDisplay and onContentAfterDisplay.
  • I improved the modules "Vip Last Quotes" and "Vip Random Quotes". Now, the results can be filtered by category.
  • I improved the multi level category functionality.
  • I also added two new modules to the package - "Vip Quotes ABC" and "Vip Quotes Search".

ITPShare v2.6

  • I fixed an issue with the Pinterest button and I added a new option "Kid Directed Site" to the Facebook button.
  • It was added options for including and excluding K2 categories.
  • The support of EasyBlog was removed.
  • It was added a support for Vip Quotes. Now, you will be able to add buttons on the quote page.
  • I added some new events, which can be triggered to be displayed the buttons. The events are onContentBeforeDisplay and onContentAfterDisplay.

CrowdFunding v1.2.1

  • I did many new features and changes. I am going to mention the most important. You can find the full list of the changes on the CrowdFunding GitHub repository.
  • It was added some new options:
    • maximum amount
    • maximum days
    • duration type
    • funding type
  • The boxes with project information, rewards and project details were moved to modules "CrowdFunding Info", "CrowdFunding Rewards" and "CrowdFunding Details".
  • It was improved responsive design.
  • I added some new plugins - Content - CrowdFunding - User Mail , Content - CrowdFunding - Admin Mail, Content - CrowdFunding - Manager.
  • I added two new events onContentAfterSave and onContentChangeState.
  • I added a new component view "Featured"

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