News about latest updates of ITPrism extensions, additional services and discounts for Black Friday + Cyber Monday.

Magic Gallery v1.1

It was added functionality, Magic Gallery to work as media manager. Now, it is possible to be used from third-party extensions as a manager of media files.

Crowdfunding v2.3.2

It was improved the code of the crowdfunding platform. Now, it works faster and uses less memory.

The reward section was improved and it is already possible to reorder the project rewards.

It was developed Stripe Connect payment plugin. You can only use it with Crowdfunding Finance.

Crowdfunding Finance is already free and you can download it from the platform page.

It was also developed Crowdfunding Gallery. The project owner will be able to use it to create media gallery for his campaigns. You have to install Magic Gallery to use these plugins.

User Ideas v2.2.1

It was implemented Joomla! tags to User Ideas. Now, it is possible to categorize items in several "groups."

The form used for creating items on back-end was improved. It was added new options.

It was also added option to the menu items. You can use them to configure categories and items.

Collective funding of features

We have installed the crowdfunding platform on our members site. You are able to publish your needs as projects and we will enter the cost for their development. Your campaigns will be able to be financed by many people who need same things. That will be useful for you if you would like to share the cost for new features, developed by us. So, when the amount be collected we will implement the functionality that you need.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer

We are happy to announce a campaign of discounts for three of our membership plans - Gold, Platinum and Exclusive. You will be able to take advantage of them from 27th November 2015 to 30th November 2015.

You should use the coupon code to get 50% discount of our membership plans.

Coupon code : BLACKCYBER2015

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