Information about the newest versions of ITPrism extensions. You will learn about main changes in your favorite Joomla! extensions developed by ITPrism.

Prism Library v1.6

The library was introduced two months ago with a plan all extension to be rewritten to use it.

So far, all extensions already using it and if you would like to upgrade to new version, you have to install it.

Gamification Platform v2.0

The gamification library was rewritten. Some of the behaviors use an observer pattern. So, you will be able to write observers and when something happens, those observers will be executed.

For example, look methods increase and decrease in class Gamification/User/Points. Methods like those trigger observers.

Vip Quotes v2.0

It was removed the Facebook manager and email templates from the component.

Now, you should use the extension Email Templates to create predefined emails.

The extension was integrated with Easy Social and the library was rewritten to use namespaces.

Vip Portfolio becomes Magic Gallery v1.0

The extension was renamed from Vip Portfolio to Magic Gallery. It was totally rewritten. Now, its purpose is to provide an easy way for managing galleries.

ITP Meta v4.2

The library was rewritten to use namespaces and it was fixed some bugs.

User Ideas v2.0

Its library was rewritten to use namespaces.

The extension was integrated with Easy Profile and Community Builder.

It was added option to sort by a vote. Thank you to …

Email Templates v1.1

It was added options to import/export placeholders and emails. Now, you can import them easily. For can download placeholder of Crowdfunding Platform and import some email templates used for its plugins.

It was also added an functionality to copy placeholders and email templates.

ITP Transifex v2.2

Its library was rewritten to use namespaces.

It was added option to select where to be installed the language files - in the extension folders or in the standard language folders on front-end or back-end.

ITP Comments v1.1

It was added option to select language and the Facebook SDK was changed to v2.4.

Bootstrap 3

All extensions were reworked to work with Twitter Bootstrap 3. If you would like to upgrade to newest versions, you have to install and use Joomla! templates based on Bootstrap 3.

License GNU/GPLv3

It was added information about the license of the extensions. You will find it in the file LICENSE.txt in all packages or on its GitHub repository.

Update Servers

It was added an update servers to the mentioned extensions. Now, you will receive information in your control panel when we publish a new release. You will be able to upgrade them from you administration.

Pro and Lite releases

There will be only one kind of the extensions. It will be free release and you will be able to download it from their pages.

You will be able to download additional components, modules or plugins from the member site.

Translations and language packages

It was added more languages and extensions on the website where you can download translation packages for ITPrism extensions.

What is next…?

I completely replaced old ITPrism library with the new Prism library in all extensions. So, I am going to focus on the crowdfunding platform and the gamification platform.

You will find information about future plans in their roadmaps - Crowdfunding Platform Roadmap and Gamification Platform Roadmap.

You can give suggestions and ideas for their improvements. If you need new features, you can share them with us on the forum. We will discuss them and I will be able to implement the most valuable by priority.

Crowdfunding for features

I have installed the crowdfunding platform on the member site. You can publish information about features, as a project, that you would like from me to implement in the extensions.

I will put a price and everyone who would like same features will be able to sponsor it.

When the amount be collected, I will do the feature by priority.

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