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In last week, I developed and published new Joomla! extensions that implement Facebook social plugins - "Activity Feed" and "Facepile". I also released a new version of the popular social media extensions ITPSocialButtons and ITPSubscribe.


It is an extension that adds Facebook activity feed on your site. The activity feed module displays information if someone like pages from your site, share your pages or comment on a page on your site.


This extension adds a Facebook facepile module on your website. It is a social plugin that displays faces of the people who like your pages.

ITPSubscribe module v1.5

I added new six packages of subscription icons. I also added a new option for links opening. Now you are able to choose where to open links - in a current or new window. I added new fields for extra icons, and now you can add custom social buttons.

ITPSubscribe plugin v1.2

I added eight new RSS icons and two backgrounds.

ITPSocialButtons v1.6

The extension was improved. I added services for shortening the URLs. I also added new options and fields for custom social buttons. I added nine packages of icons - Buddy Circular, Buddy Rounded, Isometrica, Isometrica Small, Vector Social Icons, WP Zoom 24x24px, WP Zoom 32x32px, WP Zoom 48x48px, WP Zoom 64x64px.

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