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This is a list with the newest things in ITPrism. I have upgraded some extensions. I did a new design of the site and have started providing premium services. I also published a new extension that will help you to create and manage donation campaigns. And here it is an information about them...

Upgraded extensions

 ITP Share v2.2

  • Added Google Share Button
  • Added new parameter "media" to Pinterest bitton that points to image of the article. ( It is a part of plugin version for Jomomla! 2.5. It works only for Joomla! Content (com_content) and K2 (com_k2) now. )
  • Improved buttons displaying on the frontpage and category blog page.

ITP Google Search 2.2

  • Replaced the old Ajax Search engine with the new the Custom Search Engine API.  ( Now, you are able to connect the extension to your AdSense account. It is a way to make money online. )

Vip Quotes v2.0

  • Refactored and ported to Joomla! 2.5

ITP Donate v1.0

  • It is a new extension that will help you to create and manage donation campaigns. You are able to collect money by PayPal or Fortumo ( SMS service ).
  • New ITPrism website design
  • Last month, I completed the new design of the site. My desire was to improve the usability of the site. I hope you will like it.

ITPrism extensions in GitHub

I have published the source code of all extensions on GitHub. It is a great place where we can discuss issues and ideas about them.

If you are a developer, you can use Git to send your code to me. It is a great way to help for extensions improvement.

The support forum closed

Sorry for that but I decide to close the support forum. It was hard to stop spam bots.

I found a better way for you, to report bugs and publish your wishes.

You can use GitHub discussion boards of issues or the ITPrism Members site.

ITPrism members site

I started a site where you can register and get premium services. I am planning to give away to the members many gifts that are associated with the premium ITPrism services.

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