My name is Todor Iliev and I am the author of this site. I have created ITPrism as a place where to share my experience and my applications. My goal is to provide valuable Joomla extensions, tutorials and services, ... Furthermore, I want to provide continuous support, new features and improvement. All these are free and will remain absolutely free.

If you like the applications that I develop, and you want to support what I do, you are able to make a contribution via SMS, PayPal or BitCoin sponsorship.

I am planning to develop many new applications. These are some of the extensions that follow to be release:

Joomla! CrowdFunding extension

This is a Joomla! extension that makes your website a crowdfunding platform. User will be able to create and manage charity causes or projects. Donations and sponsorships will be made through payment getaways, SMS services, mobile payments solutions,... It will include some game mechanics like Virtual Currency, leaderboards, points and badges.

Joomla! Gamification extension

I will develop a powerful gamification platform. The platform will provide the most used game mechanics. It will provide API, which developers will use to gamify their extensions quickly and easily.

Joomla! Daily Deals extension

I will develop a valuable application for daily deals, coupons and discounts. It can be used for creating sites like Groupon. I am planning to include payment getaways, SMS payment services, Virtual Currency and other innovative ways for payment.

Joomla! Sharing Economy extension

It will be a new generation extension for sharing goods and services. You will be able to create a website which people is going to use to share their goods and skills with other people.

Joomla! Social Community extension

That will be an extension that will give you a functionality to build social networks quickly and easily. The extension will provide the most important parts of social community - photo gallery, groups, fan pages, blogs, games,...

I am also planning to develop several Joomla! extensions and application for Facebook.

All these will be absolutely free. I will provide permanent support and continuous improvement of all applications.

You are able to invest in what I do by sending an SMS, small amount via PayPal or BitCoin.

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