In 2012, many changes were made in the algorithms of search engines. The content quality and inbound links are still important parts of organic search. Now, I am going to write about some new factors that will run the search engine optimization in 2013

Quality of content

The value of the content on your site is essential for search engine this year. The algorithms are already too smart and now they detect, how much your content is useful for people. Sites like are no longer ranked well in search engines because they contain a lot short articles. Many websites with high-volume and low-quality content were penalized by Google, and they will not be ranked well anymore.

Here you are some of the metrics, which are important for your article to be recognized as a quality content:

  • Uniqueness of the content and the topic of your article
  • Rich information - images, statistics, charts, files, movies, large volume of information,..
  • Quality outbound links - try to provide links from authoritative websites
  • Your internal links should be structured within content - don not add links to your articles that look like "click here" or "read more". Your links should look like "Read more: Open Graph Protocol is good for SEO" or "download open source crowdfunding platform".
  • Is your content being shared - it is important, your content to be shared from other people in the social networks.

Author rank

You need to become famous. Make a movie or write a book. Just kidding!

Not everyone can become incredibly famous, but you should try. In 2013, the search engines will display more personalized results. Now there are many ways to determine the authorship of the contents of your websites. That will help to search engines and to you too, for reducing SPAM and for better filtering duplicate content.

Moreover, the number of people who follow you on Twitter matters.

For that purpose you can use:

Mobile response

Still, no one knows how mobile technologies affect search engine results. However, one thing is certain, if your website is more friendly to visitors which use mobile devices, that will increase the chance to qualify first in SERP.

An estimated 16% of web searches are coming from mobile devices. That means more readers, more times will be shared your articles and higher visibility for you and your company.


You should know that, approximately 40% of all searches on the Internet are done with local intent. So, it is important to provide local information about you and your business, on your website. You can publish a map to your offices, citations, review, listings,... These features will improve your search engine ranking. Furthermore, they will improve user experience.

Content marketing

Many people say that the content marketing is the "New SEO". The main purpose of the "New SEO" is to attract backlinks and generate valuable content for users and readers. So, you should focus on writing valuable articles.

Social Signals

Since 2011, the social signals are one of the most important things for search engine algorithms. This year, shared social content is on focus, and it is assigned a higher value in ranking algorithms.

To improve your social signals you can take these steps:

  • Add share buttons on your website. That will increase "likes", "recommends", "tweet", "bookmark", …
  • Add connect buttons on your site (Like a Facebook page, Follow on Twitter, Add in Google Circle,...) . That will increase your fans and followers.

You should create:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Pinterest account and Pin boards
  • YouTube account

These were six new SEO trends for 2013. Below, you will find an infographic which I found on the SEOM Company website.

Now, the power is in your hands!

Six SEO factors in 2013

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