In this article, I am going to share with you some interesting news and links that I found last week. I have collected latest news about Joomla and PHP. I will also provide some interesting articles about SEO, blogging, security, JavaScript and entrepreneurship.


Some things happened that marked past weeks. That were the end of Joomla! 2.5 and the beginning of the new Joomla! Extensions Directory. It is time to migrate to Joomla! 3 and to become part of a new CMS era.

If you are wondering where are we now, you can compare web content management systems. If you are wondering where are we going, read that interview with Michael Babker about the future of Joomla.


Some of the most valuable news for me in the PHP world was the release of PHP Storm (v8.0.2) and the release of PHP_CodeSniffer. Both are mine powerful weapon that I use to improve my code quality.

There are several useful features in PHP CodeSniffer 2.0 but the most useful one is the option to fix errors automatically.

I also did a research about PHP 7 and I found some interesting features that will be included. It will be really powerful for us to use strict type hunts, asynchronous programming and other HHVM improvements.

Front-end Development

If you are passionated in JavaScript development, you will be happy to learn how to use modules today.

Have you heard about Polyfilling? It is a technique to provide uniform API landscape and compatibility of your web application in many browsers.

Here you are some new CSS frameworks and a pure CSS off-screen navigation menu. Do not forget to follow the concept of SMACSS to separate your CSS files in modules.


I read several articles about the security of web applications and I found that, the remote timing attack is really dangerous.

There is good news for people who would like to make their sites more secure. Internet Security Research Group is going to provide open and free certificates. So, take advantage of this great service to protect the data of your customers.


I also read about SEO trends for 2015, and I received useful topic from Quora about SEO tactics. I learned there that...the pictures are really important for your blog posts.

Entrepreneurship and Success

I found an article from John Rampton about 10 points every young entrepreneur needs to know and a list with business advices from Jack Ma. If they have motivated you to continue, you should read about how to provide better product to your customers. When you are ready with your services, you have to know how to raise capital to grow up. It is also important to learn from others and to avoid common entrepreneur mistakes. And to achieve all of that, you will need to look and feel good.

It was a new type of topics that I am planning to write regularly. I hope, you have found engrossing and useful resources for you. :)

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