This is an infographic that lists seven future SEO trends. You will get useful information about how to take advantage of them. Search engines will appreciate your efforts positively, which will lead to more traffic for your site. That is going to increase your customers and sales.

Mobile user experience

Mobile technologies have become an essential tool for access to information.

It is therefore important for your site to be mobile friendly displaying your products on small screens properly.

To achieve this, the design of your website must be responsive or adaptive.

Quality social share

It will be better, your pages to be shared, by an authority person, on fan pages which people like much.

You have to provide valuable content, services and products, which will engage people in your niche. The people should like to share your products with their friends.

On-Page user interaction

Metrics such as Bounce rate and visit duration will show the search engines whether you provide easy access to valuable services on your site.

Minimize the elements that can annoy your users and will force them to leave your site.

You must provide a pleasant experience for your users making easier access to the most important elements of your business.

General ranking metrics

Factors such as backlinks, global domain authority, flow metrics and other will not be so important for your position in search engine results.

You need to focus on creating quality content. Links to such content should come from high domain authority with relevant niche and proper content. Then your products and services will be placed at a higher position in search results.

HTTPS as ranking factor

The security will increasingly affect your site's rank in search engines. You must provide a safe environment for your users to attract more customers by SEO.

Personalized results

Your presence in social networks is important to include your business in search engine results.

You have to create your profile on social networks. Build brand or superimpose your name in a field. Share your thoughts, commitments, plans and results. Find followers and inform them about the basics of your business.

Then, the search engines will provide relevant information to people who are engaged with your brand.

Visual content

Nowadays, you can attract people's attention more easily with intriguing pictures or videos.

Most people looking for an interactive way to acquire new knowledge and to process information.

Therefore, you must provide them with your messages by more pictures or video.

Google knows this and will rate it positively.

SEO trends and beyond for 2015

These were some of the SEO metrics that will impact positively on your on-line business. Start immediately with one of them and take advantage of others by the end of the year.

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