I read a great article by Neil Patel two days ago. He is one of my favourite writers, and I follow his posts for a long time. Neil writes about Internet business, entrepreneurship, on-line marketing and making money on the Internet.

In the article "How I Grew My RSS Subscription Count by 243%" he describes the changes which he has made on his blog. He thus has increased its subscribers by 243 percent. The ideas are pretty good, and I liked. I decided to try them on my site and see what will happen.

For this purpose, I also improved extension ITPSubscribe, I wrote some time ago for Joomla. And I added FeedBurner form. No longer your readers need to go to the Feedburner site to enter their email address. They can already do it on your site.

I also added Facebook icons. Now you can easily put a beautiful link that points to your Facebook page.

I took the first idea that sounded great. I created another extension - ITPSubscribe Plugin.

Thanks to this plugin for Joomla you can easily add Feedburner form to your posts. The design is similar to that of Neil. You can choose from several types of backgrounds and RSS icons. You determine the position of icons. There are many parameters, which make it easy to adjust to your liking.

These new features facilitate your future readers. Now they will be able to subscribe to your articles quickly and easily.

Thanks to these two extensions for Joomla! chance to increase your regular readers grows. Install them on your sites and see what happens. I see you have achieved successful results like Neil.

If you need assistance or help...contact me. I will gladly help you set them.

A contact form can be found on the site. You can also write a comment or leave your opinion.

I will be grateful to all who share effects of the extensions.


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