GoogleWebmasterHelp and Maile Ohye (part of developer programs tech lead in Google) provide us a very useful video. Maile describes important features of Google Webmaster Tools, which will help you to make better search engine optimisation on your website. And you know that good SEO improves the visibility of online markets and increase sales.

You will learn how to identify relevant keywords and phrases that are close to the topic of your page. You will learn how to monitor selected phrases easily.

You will see how Google extract keywords from the site. This is valuable information that shows you which words to focus in optimizing your site.

Maile provides useful information about web tools "Crawl errors" and "Internal Links". With these tools, you can find website errors quickly. So will keep your customers and prevent an outflow to other sites.

She also gives some tips for avoiding duplicate content. The unique and valuable content is important for high pagerank in Google, but loading speed of your site is also important. So Maile describes the work with the tool "Site Performance".

Here it is the video ... Enjoy it! :)


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