Social networks have become part of lives of millions people. Today, Internet users spend more time on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They share web pages they like with their friends. Talk about products and services that excite them.

This gives clear signals to search engines that the content has value and is liked by many people. Now social media is a factor in determining the position of which will rank your site in search engines.

This article lists several useful techniques that will increase the pagerank of your site.

Social Bookmarking

Published in social media links to your site increases the weight of your post. The more sites link to the page, the more important is your post for search engines.

Also, links are stored in social media, and search engines find them easily, which might increase their position in search results.

Some of the most popular social media are SumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Technorati.


If you regularly write for your blog will build a group of regular readers. Over time, you will find relationships with other bloggers. You will exchange an experience and publications with them that will provide additional links with relevant content. All this is good news for you, because search engines like relevant links.

Create a strong social profile

Through Twitter and Facebook can attract millions of followers. To do this, you must build a strong social presence in these social networks. This will increase the visibility of the brand. It will engage existing customers and attract new ones.

Do not be satisfied with just these two social networks, and even look on the Internet. Look for those that are related to the type of your business,  industry and interests.

Expand Search

Make sure people can find you when looking for photos or video. You should not be limited to optimize for text content of your site. Upload photos to Flikr and videos on YouTube. Mark them with your company name to increase awareness of the brand.

Relevant content is a better choice

To enjoy success in search engine optimization you need maximum links from sites close to the topic of your site. Focus on blogs which write on topics close to yours. Publish links in categories of directories that relate to your topic. Set the right tags and keywords when you post links in social media.

I am sure if you take advantage of the things I have listed above, you will increase the pagerank of your website quickly. You will improve awareness of your company brand. You will find fans of the products and services you offer and some of them will become your customers.


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