Today, I start a series of articles about Facebook applications developing. In each one, I will publish useful information and tricks for developing quality apps.

This is the first publication from the series, and I am going to describe how to create your first social app. You will learn the steps, which you have to pass in order to register and configure a Facebook application.

How to register Facebook application?

The address where you can register application is

After loading the address follow these steps:

  1. Click on button "+Create New App"
  2. Enter a name of your application (1);
  3. Enter a namespace (2).
  4. Learn more about "Facebook Platform policies" (3);
  5. Clicking the button "Continue".

Create Facebook application

Now the platform will open a new popup window. You will see a security code (1) and a field where you must enter that code. Thus Facebook prevents attacks against theirs systems. Enter the code in the field (2) and click on the button "Continue".

Facebook captcha

Congratulations, your first Facebook application was created! :)

Now follows several basic settings needed for the application to work properly.

How to make your Facebook application to work?

The first thing that you should do after creating the app is to enter review "Basic Info". You must enter App Domains ( domain names and subdomains ). They will be used for authorization from the platform when your app start working.

Facebook basic info

Next step is to configures ways which you will use the application.

Website login using Facebook application

If you are planning to connect your site with the application, you must enter the URL of your site. Open slide "Website with Facebook login" and enter the URL. This is the domain where your application is hosted and it must end with '/'

Facebook app website settings

Facebook application as a tab on fan page

If you are planning to use the application as a tab you must fill settings on the slide "Page Tab". You must enter a "Page Tab Name" and "Page Tab URL". The tab URL is a link to a page on your site, that will be loaded when someone visits the fan page.

Facebook page tab settings

Facebook application as canvas

If you are planning to use the application as a native Facebook app ( games, shops, magazines,... ) you must fill some of options in the slide "App on Facebook". You must enter a "Canvas URL" which is an address to server where is hosted the app.

Facebook native application

Press button "Save Changes" and complete the basic settings of your Facebook application. This is enough for normal work on it. And now follow the most interesting part ... its development. :)

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