The product feed is an XML file contains information about your products. By this file, you provide that information to search engines. Google uses it to index pages on your site. Thus you provide a quick and easy way to add your goods in Google Product Search results.

Furthermore, many sites for price comparison and e-commerce using a product feeds. Thanks to them, they update their database with the items you offer.

In this article, I describe several techniques that will be useful in optimising your feed. That will increase your sales and profit.

The first thing you should do is identify keywords. Use specialized tools such as Google Insights, Google KeyWord Tool or WordPot. They will show you the statistics used in search phrases. You will find out what keywords people ask when looking for their desired product.

For example, I use a computer name "Dell Vostro 1015". I loading the page of Google Keyword Tool. In the field "Word or phrase" I enter the word "laptop". From the list of results, you can learn the volume of the "Global Monthly Searches" and "Local Monthly Searches". Find a keyword or phrase that is relevant the commodity you offer. Choose a word with a high number of searches.

Google Keyword tool cheap laptop

Once I carefully examined the list, I chose the word "cheap". Now I added it in the title of the item - "Dell Vostro 1015 - a cheap laptop". That will probably double the product occurrence in the results on "Google Product Search".

It comes the product description. Add keyword phrases which describe your article best. Let us attend at least two sentences if the description is 500 characters. Do not overdo with the frequency of use of the word, because search engines might detect it as spam. This can lead to blocking of your item and removing it from their results.

The next step you should take is to add keyword in the URL of the goods. The address can look like this way "".

On an order is the most interesting part of the whole procedure of optimisation the product feed. Now we need to generate XML file and publish it. For this purpose, go on and follow the instructions. That is an easy way to generate the file and post it on Google.

Except in the Google Base you can publish it on sites for comparing prices. Here is a list of e-commerce sites:

Once you have finished with the file distribution, you should focus on providing as many reviews about your products. That will rank them in higher positions in search results. It would increase your sales and would make your profits skyrocketed.

Here are some interesting videos about this topic.

The optimization in product feed is an ongoing process. It is necessary to concerns for maintaining current information about your goods. You should continue to add, change or delete items in the list. It would be liked by search engines and your customers. You can experiment with different keywords. If a phrase does not work, try another. It is very important to be consistent in your actions. And that will boost sales of your products.


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