This is a list with Bootstrap 3 templates and companies that provide themes for Joomla. These resources could be useful for you when you would like to create website based on Joomla and Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Developers of Joomla templates

This is a list with companies that develop Joomla templates. Some of them provides frameworks used as core component in their development. In many cases, you have to install the frameworks if you would like to use their templates.

JoomlArt is a leader in development of Joomla themes. You have to install their T3 framework as a plug-in. That is the core of their themes. You can start with one of their free templates T3 B3 Blank.

YouJoomla is one of the best providers of Joomla templates. You have to install their framework YJSimpleGrid to use their themes. You can start with their free template Eximium.

JoomlaBamboo is another company that provides wonderful themes.

ZooTemplate is part of CleverSoft. It is innovative young companies in the field of Website Design & Development. You have to install their Zo2 Framework and you can start with their free Zo2 Hallo Blank Template.

Joostrap is a company where you can find good Bootstrap 3 templates.

PCMShaper is a website built and improved in Chennai, India. The website is owned by PCMShaper. Their mission is to supply Joomla templates and extensions.

JoomShaper does wonderful templates based on their Helix framework.

Free Joomla! templates

This is a list with templates based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Purity III - developed by JoomlArt

T3 Framework and T3 B3 Blank - developed by JoomlArt

Helix 3 - developed by JoomShaper

Baseline - developed by You Joomla

Eximium - developed by YouJoomla

ZT F7 - developed by ZooTemplate

ZT Marco - developed by ZooTemplate

ZT Shield - developed by ZooTemplate

ZO2 Framework and Zo2 Hallo Blank Template - developed by ZooTemplate

List of free and premium Boostrap 3 templates.

Websites where you can find more Joomla! templates

This is a list of websites where you can look for Joomla! templates based on Bootstrap 3.

I hope, these resources to be useful for you. If you find other templates, you can send information about them via the contact form. I will be happy to include them in the list.

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