Predictive Behavioral Targeting

The dream of every marketing consultant is to reach the right audience. He wants products to be presented to the right people. If he succeeds to do that so will maximise efficiency and ROI of his marketing campaign

Thanks to advanced technology and the Internet, now you can take advantage of the most successful models for reaching your customers - detailed behavioral targeting and predictive behavioral targeting.

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Google and Bing social factors

For a long time talking about how social media influence the results in search engines. Every day in social networks are sharing millions of links. Leaders in the search - Google and Bing - detect "signals" which users of these media send. And use the signals in their algorithms.

Let's see, which are those factors that influence the results?

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Growing of RSS subscribers

I read a great article by Neil Patel two days ago. He is one of my favourite writers, and I follow his posts for a long time. Neil writes about Internet business, entrepreneurship, on-line marketing and making money on the Internet.

In the article "How I Grew My RSS Subscription Count by 243%" he describes the changes which he has made on his blog. He thus has increased its subscribers by 243 percent. The ideas are pretty good, and I liked. I decided to try them on my site and see what will happen.

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