How to develop secure joomla site?

It is important for me my sites to be protected. My data need security and protection from malicious acts. I am sure you need the same.

This article describes several important things that will help you to make your Joomla! site more secure. I described several steps you can take even the initial installation of the system. I enumerated a few tips and tricks that will make your fortress impenetrable.

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Statistics on market shares of search engines is an important source of information. They help to allocate budget for marketing and advertising more accurately. Thanks to them you will save money and increase sales.

eConsultancy published a research showing the shares of the largest search engines in 10 countries. The data are collected and processed by various sources, including Hitwise, Statcounter, Comscore, etc ...

The infographic refers to the fourth quarter of 2010.

Search Engines Market Share

It is a very interesting video with Mark Zuckerberg. This is one of the last interviews with the founder of Facebook. The video was filmed during the Web 2.0 Summit, San Francisco, California. The dialogue is conducted between Zuckerberg, Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle.

In the interview, Mark answers questions about the future plans of Facebook Platform. He talks about the Gmail Killer and FaceBook message. He also speaks for the groups, events, photos, pages and other creative technologies.

To date, the video was watched over 250,000 times, making it the best interview with Mark Zuckerberg.

Watch it and share your opinion.

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Free SEO tools for web page analysing

I have made a list of my favourite on-line tools that I use to analyse websites. They help me to explore in depth the structure of pages. They show me the errors that I have made during the development of the site. I also find lots of tips for on-page and off-page search engine optimization there. The best thing about these instruments is that, they are available for free use, and you are able to take advantage of this favourable fact. :)

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