Social compass

There is an emerging era of Marketing 3.0. The engine is values of people are seeking redress of the human spirit.

Customers now choose companies with a mission close to their values. Products have to address their needs for social, economic and environmental justice.

They have realized that their purchasing power has enormous influence. They are more informed, more active and stronger than ever are. They advantage of their power by sharing your selections.

New media will communicate more frequently to socially responsible companies. This will affect the choice of more and more customers.

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VirtueMart Porject Board

Today I received an email from VirtueMart, which I was informed that they had been added a job board on their site. The project board powered by DoNanza – it is a large search engine for freelance projects.
This will help the majority of developers easily find fresh work. All work is based on this really nice e-commerce extension for Joomla! - VirtueMart.

If you have a project based on VirtueMart and looking for developers, you are able to publish a notice. This will cost you $15.

I'm still not used the services of DoNanza, but intend to soon to do it.

And have you ever availed from their services? You will make me happy if you share your impressions from DoNanza.

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