As you know, since Joomla! 3.0 was implemented a new user interface based on Twitter Bootstrap. This article will describe how you can use the Bootstrap tabs and accordion slides in your extensions. I will show you step by step how to load library and how to use the new features. At the end of the article, there is an attachment with source code that you can download and view.

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The Bounce Rate Formula

You have probably put Google Analytics on your site. Perhaps you view the analytical data every day. You know what most of the metrics mean. However, do you know what Bounce Rate mean and how is calculated?

In this article, you will find infographic that describes the "secret formula" for calculating Bounce Rate. You will learn more about the factors influencing it. You will find a few tips that will help you to improve the value of Bounce Rate.

By achieving better results on this metric, you will reap success in SEO optimization for Google. And this will definitely increase your traffic, readers and sales.

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This is an infographic from It contains interesting results about Internet search, taken from several sources, including the Nelson Report for 2010.

The infographic describes three essential parts of SEO. Reported market share of the largest search engines - Google, Yahoo + Bing and Ask. It gives a clear picture of the effects of SEO on the success of companies, which are present on the Internet.

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Google SEO

The breadcrumbs on sites show the location where you are and the places through which you passed. It shows the hierarchy of the site and makes it easier to find relevant pages.

The breadcrumbs will help you improve the indexing of internal pages of your site. Google will begin to include direct links in search results. People will receive additional links to search results. That will increase attendance at your site and increase your customers.

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Increase sales

The product feed is an XML file contains information about your products. By this file, you provide that information to search engines. Google uses it to index pages on your site. Thus you provide a quick and easy way to add your goods in Google Product Search results.

Furthermore, many sites for price comparison and e-commerce using a product feeds. Thanks to them, they update their database with the items you offer.

In this article, I describe several techniques that will be useful in optimising your feed. That will increase your sales and profit.

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