• 6 SEO trends in 2013 - quality of content and social signals are on focus.

    In 2012, many changes were made in the algorithms of search engines. The content quality and inbound links are still important parts of organic search. Now, I am going to write about some new factors that will run the search engine optimization in 2013

  • The Bounce Rate Formula

    How is calculated Bounce Rate?

    You have probably put Google Analytics on your site. Perhaps you view the analytical data every day. You know what most of the metrics mean. However, do you know what Bounce Rate mean and how is calculated?

    In this article, you will find infographic that describes the "secret formula" for calculating Bounce Rate. You will learn more about the factors influencing it. You will find a few tips that will help you to improve the value of Bounce Rate.

    By achieving better results on this metric, you will reap success in SEO optimization for Google. And this will definitely increase your traffic, readers and sales.

  • SEO

    SEO infographic and information about market share of search engines for 2010

    This is an infographic from Go-Globe.com. It contains interesting results about Internet search, taken from several sources, including the Nelson Report for 2010.

    The infographic describes three essential parts of SEO. Reported market share of the largest search engines - Google, Yahoo + Bing and Ask. It gives a clear picture of the effects of SEO on the success of companies, which are present on the Internet.