• Open Graph Protocol

    Why Open Graph Protocol is good for SEO and social networks?

    The Open Graph Protocol makes each page social object. This becomes by describing things on the Internet. You can set the type, title, description, address, contact information, even a specific location.

    At present, in cyberspace has many semantic web technologies - microdata, microformats, RDFa,... However, none of them provides a complete data description on the Internet.

  • Google and Bing social factors

    Which social factors are important for better pagerank in Google and Bing?

    For a long time talking about how social media influence the results in search engines. Every day in social networks are sharing millions of links. Leaders in the search - Google and Bing - detect "signals" which users of these media send. And use the signals in their algorithms.

    Let's see, which are those factors that influence the results?