ITPTransifex is a Joomla extension that provides an easy way of managing language packages, which are published on Transifex. This component retrieves information about projects and resources using Transifex API.

You are able to create a project and with one click on a button, the system will get information about the project and its resources.

You are also able to create predefined language packages, which will make your life easier. That is a really good feature when you manage lots of multilingual products.

It is possible to export whole project ( project data, resources, packages ) in XML file or to import a project from an XML file.

There is an easy way to create packages from other ones using "Batch" functionality. That gives you a possibility to copy packages from one language as new ones in another language.

The component provides front-end views where people will be able to download language packages for your extensions.

Projects Manager

Projects Manager

Resources Manager

Resources Manager

Packages Manager

Packages Manager





You will find additional information in the following pages:


Here you are a list with Transifex language projects that you can import to the extension.


You must install Prism Library  to work the extension properly.


The extensions is under GPL license.

Your Vote

Please, vote for ITPTransifex on Joomla! Extensions Directory.


You can help to improve the extension translating ITPTransifex in your language, using free services of Transifex

You will find more information reading the article "How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language?".

Git Repository

You can find the source code on the ITPTransifex Git Repository.


You can get free support for this extension on ITPTransifex Git Repository or premium support on ITPrism members site.

Technical specification

The minimum requirements to run it properly:


ITP Transifex ( version 3.0.1 )
Package for Joomla! 3.x
ITP Transifex CRON - Packages ( version 1.2 )
Plug-in that generates packages triggering by CRON job.
ITP Transifex CRON ( version 1.1 )
CLI script that executes plug-ins by CRON jobs.

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