Crowdfunding is Joomla! extension that provides functionality for building and managing websites for collective fundraising.

Users are able to publish their projects on the front page. They will use a Wizard, which will lead them step by step through the process and will facilitate the creating of their projects.

There are many standard things you might find in a crowdfunding platform - comments, updates, list of backers, rewards. Users are able to leave comments and to follow the process of projects in the section for updates.

The extension is gamified, which increases engagement and makes the fundraising an exciting experience.

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Proof of Identity

A component that provides functionality for website owners to verify their users.

The users can upload files (images, PDF, documents,...) to the server where the website owner will receive and review them. The system will encrypt those files and they will be visible only for the administrator.

Then the administrator will validate the documents and he can change the state of the user to VERIFIED. That will show to other people that the current account is owned by a real person and they can trust him.

There is an option, the system to remove the personal data automatically after a certain date.

The extension provides a library ( API ) that the developers will be able to use to integrate it with their extensions easily.

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This is an extension that generates virtual currency and manages virtual bank accounts. The generated virtual units can be used in Joomla! components as gamification element. They could be used as payment instruments - coins, credits, point system, etc.

The extension also provides a library ( SDK ) which can be used from developers in theirs applications. The purpose of the library is to provide functionality for easy integration of virtual units to other applications. Three are classes for managing accounts, currencies, transactions, orders,...

Virtual Currency is a good marketing tool and can be used for gamifying Joomla extensions. It can also be used in loyalty marketing campaigns, as a tool for increasing engagement of the customers.

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UserIdeas is an extension that provides functionality to create and manage ideas pool. This component can be also used to manage feedbacks, issues, user suggestions,...

Users are able to post suggestions and vote for ideas. The extension also provides functionality for publishing comments about these things.

You can group items in multilevel categories.

You are also able to create menu items with a list with ideas, a form which will be used for posting feedbacks or detailed information about user posts.

UserIdeas is suitable for developers because, vote buttons are initialized and managed by Joomla! plugins. The developers can use some of the followed triggers to manage user votes.

The extension is integrated with JomSocial, Easy Social, Easy Profile, Community Builder, Social Community, Kunena and Gravatar.

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Gamification Platform is a Joomla! extension that provides resources, application programming interface (API) and functionality for managing game mechanics.

The platform provides some of the most popular gamification features - points, badges, ranks, levels, challenges, rewards,... There are components, modules and plugins that gamify Jooma! extensions. These modules are used for monitoring users progress, displaying notifications, leaderboards, social sharing,...

The gamification API is intended for developers who wants to gamify theirs applications. They will be able to do deep integration, implementing real-time notifications, activity feeds and achievements.

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