ITP Comments is a Joomla! plugin that integrates Facebook and Disqus comment system into websites.

The extension works with CrowdFunding (com_crowdfunding), User Ideas (com_userideas) and Content (com_content).

There are many options which help people to customize it easily. It is possible to exclude categories and articles by their IDs. It is also possible to select color scheme, number of posts or width of the Facebook widget.


The extension is under GPL license.


You are able to help to improve the extension. You can translate ITP Comments in your language. You will find more information about that "How to start" on translation guide.

Git Repository

You can find the source code of the extension in the ITPrism Git repository.


You will get premium support on ITPrism members site. You can also post issues on the Git repository.


Plugin ITP Comments ( version 1.1 )
Plug-in for Joomla! 3.4.x.

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