This extension provides functionality by which developers will be able to integrate email templates to their components.

Today, the communication with email messages is a part of many extensions. Systems send confirmation emails, notifications and private messages to website users.

It is a tool where the administrator of the website will use to create email templates.

The main purpose of the tool is to give you an option to manage all templates from one location.

There is a library intended for developers they should use to load and parse the templates.

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ITPrism Library is a collection of classes used in several extensions.

The library contains solutions used for interaction with payment gateway - PayPal, Fortumo, Stripe, WePay, Coinbase, Blockchain,...

There are some classes that extend Joomla objects - controllers, models and views used in several ITPrism extensions. Without them, the extensions would not work.

The library also provides functionality in work with files. They are used for uploading files to the server, reading and parsing of XML files,…

The extensions that use this library are Gamification Platform, Crowdfunding, Social Community, Virtual Currency, User Ideas, ITP Meta,...

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Facebook Like Box Extension

This is an extension for Joomla! that adds Facebook Page promoting box on your site. The module is easy to use and configure. You are able to show or hide faces of people who like your Facebook page. You can show or hide stream from your FB page.

There are two types of rendering - iframe, XFBML and HTML5.

ITPFacebookLikeBox is multilingual. You are able to set a language manually, or you can allow the extension to select it automatically, depending on the Joomla settings.

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ITP Social Buttons Cover

It is an extension for Joomla! that add social media buttons on your website. The plugin put the buttons at the bottom or at the top in your article. You are able to use the module to find a better position for the icons on your page.

There are lots of options that will help you set the extension as you wish. You can exclude categories, sections and articles. You can hide icons, which do not want to display on the page.

There are several types of icons - Delicious, Stumbleupon, FaceBook, Digg, Google, Technorati, Twitter, LinkeIn... The extension will help your readers to share your articles easily. It is a good method to find lots of readers and customers for your products.

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Multi Share Button Extension

It is an extension for Joomla! that adds social buttons on your web page. This plugin puts in your content widgets of top social networks. Thanks to it your articles will reach quickly to users of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus One, Google Share, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, RedditTumblr, Pinterest, BufferApp, ... Thus, your posts will reach more readers.

The extension has got many options. You are able to hide and show all buttons. You can set specific settings for each once. You are able to set them as small or large,  to show or hide the counter of republishing.

There is a list of positions where you want to display the buttons. You can choose from view of the categories, articles or front page ( featured ).

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ITP Comments is a Joomla! plugin that integrates Facebook and Disqus comment system into websites.

The extension works with CrowdFunding (com_crowdfunding), User Ideas (com_userideas) and Content (com_content).

There are many options which help people to customize it easily. It is possible to exclude categories and articles by their IDs. It is also possible to select color scheme, number of posts or width of the Facebook widget.

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Floating Share Extension

ITPFloatingShare is an extension for Joomla! that adds floating box with social buttons on your web pages. The plugin provides republish buttons from some of the most popular community sites - Facebook Like, Twitter, Google Plus One, Google Share, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, BufferApp... You are able to put widgets on the left side or right side in articles. You can also add a floating box on fixed position. And when readers scroll down, the box retains its visibility.

Social networks are one of the best sources of traffic. This plugin provides a quick and easy way to generate traffic. Thanks to it, users of your site will easily share your articles with their friends.

Install this component on your website and take advantage of the valuable properties of social media to generate relevant traffic to your site.

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ITPrism Subscribe

It is a simple module which adds social buttons on your site. You can choose from 160+ twitter icons and 20+ packages. The subscription buttons are good for your readers. And they are good for your sales, because this extension will help you to provide more clients.

You are able to put a Feedburner form for easy subscription by e-mail. You also can put own code and use an e-mail newsletter subscription forms like MailChimp, aWeber, iContact.

ITPSubscribe plugin puts a Feedburner form or a custom form code in your articles. You can choose from several types of RSS icons and backgrounds, which makes it easy for customization to your liking. You are able to put it on one of the three positions - top, bottom and both.

The extensions work with K2, VirtueMart, JEvents, EShop, HikaShop, JoomShopping, ZOO,...

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Social Profiles Extension

ITPSocialSubscribe is a Joomla! module that displays social widgets on your site. The widgets are native plug-ins from the popular social networks - Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. There are RSS feed link and small subscription icons of the some popular media networks - LinkedIn Today, YouTube, StumbleUpon. The extension provides three icons of mobile phone - Android, iPhone and IPad that can be used to point user to relevant mobile applications.

It is a good way to share your social profiles with your readers. This will help users easily to follow you in Twitter or Pinterest. Furthermore, you will provide them an easy way to subscribe to your fan pages on Facebook and Google.

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