This is documentation and answers of frequently asked questions about the extension Email Templates. You will find information about how to create placeholders and predefined templates, which you will be able to use in third-party extensions.

Additional Information

There is Email Templates API that you can use when you integrate it with third-party extensions.

Download and install

I guess, you have already installed Joomla! and now you have to download Email Templates package.

Go to "Extension Manager" and install the package.

Joomla! extension manager

If you are installing the extension for the first time, you will see a list of installed libraries, plugins and modules. You will also see a list of minimum requirements. If the system displays red indicators for unfulfilled requirement, it will be good to find a way to fix it.


You must install Prism Library because the extension needs it to work properly.

Technical Requirements

The minimum requirements to run the extension properly are:

  • Joomla! v3.4.2
  • PHP 5.4.x
  • MySQL 5.5.3+
  • jQuery 1.9.x
  • cURL, fopen
  • Magic Quotes disabled
  • Fileinfo loaded


You have to use Category Manager to create categories that users will use to group templates and placeholders.


Use this section to create and describe placeholders.

You have to use them in templates where the third-party extensions will replace them with generated data.


Email Templates

You should use this section to create predefined e-mails templates. You should use some placeholders in the templates which you would like to be replaced with dynamically generated data in your extensions.

Templates Editor

How to integrate Email Templates with third-party extensions?

If you are developer, and you would like to integrate the email templates to your extensions, you should do the following things.

Add a path to the filedset of options.


Create form field "emailtemplate" as an option.

Create an object "EmailTemplates\Email" and parse data.

$email = new EmailTemplates\Email();
$email->setDb(JFactory::getDbo()); $email->load($emailId);
$data = array(...);
$subject = $email->getSubject(); $body    = $email->getBody($emailMode);

For example:



How to translate EmailTemplates?

You can translate this extension in your language using Transifex. Go to the system and sign in. Find EmailTemplates translation project and start translating. If you need more information, read the article "How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language?"

You can also use ITP Transifex to create language packages.

You are able to download EmailTemplates language packages from the platform that generates them.

You have to install the packages via Joomla! Extension Manager.

How to upgrade the extension?

The better way to upgrade the extensions is:

  1. Make a backup of your site ( database and files ) ( optional but highly recommended ).
  2. Install the new version over the old one ( all previous data will be saved ).
  3. Check for a new version of Prism Library. If there is a new version, install it.

How to get support?

You can post issues on Email Templates git repository.  If you have any questions, you can send me a mail from the contact form. If you need premium support you are able to subscribe for my premium services on ITPrism members site.

It would be great if you send me information about your problem. You can send me information about your Joomla! version, extension version, screenshots or links to your pages.

How to get FREE support?

You can report issues on EmailTemplates GitHub repository.

If you have any questions, you can send them to me, using the contact form. Please, send me a message with only one question. When I answer you, you will be able to send me your next one.

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