It is a quick start guide of CrowdFunding platform. You will find movies and additional information about how to install, setup or upgrade the extension.

How to install, setup and upgrade the CrowdFunding extension?

This movies will introduce you the installation process of the platform.

How to import resources to the platform?

This movies will show you how to import locations, countries, regions and currencies to the crowdfunding platform.

How to create categories and Intro Article?

This movies shows how to create categories and an introduction article.

How to create menu items?

This movies shows how to create menu items for CrowdFunding and Social Community.

How to set up Crowdfunding by some important settings?

In this video you will learn:

  • how to select a currency and intro article
  • how to integrate CrowdFunding with a community extension
  • how to enter an amount format
  • how to select an administrator profile
  • how to give permissions to a user group to be able to make donations

How to set up some of the main Crowdfunding plugins and modules?

This video shows how to enable and set up some of the most important plugins and modules.

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