This is a documentation and instructions for ITPShare using. You will find answers of frequently asked questions about this social media extension. The article describes methods for adding extra social buttons and some tips about displaying those social widgets.

How to display people faces with Facebook like buttons?

You should set some specific settings for Facebook like button. You have to set:

  1. Select "Standard" for "Button Type";
  2. Select "Show" for "Show Faces";
  3. Enter bigger value for "Container width";
  4. Save options;

That's it.

Facebook like and people faces

How to add a new button or social plugin which missing?

You can add your own code in the field, which is situated in the advanced options. It is recommended to put the code into "div" tags styled with "float:left". If it needs to be entered an URL or title, use {URL} and {TITLE} of their places. The extension will replace the indicator {URL} with the address of the article. And {TITLE} will be replaced with the article title automaticаlly.

Add extra social plugins

How to include social buttons only on article that I want?

There are several options, which help you to configure the plug-in. You are able to exclude articles and categories. You can also add buttons in the article you want by entering its ID. Even the article to be located in the excluded category, it will be displayed. To do that you have to:

  1. Exclude categories by entering category IDs;
  2. Enter an article ID you would like to render the social sharing buttons;
  3. Save options;

Display social buttons in article

How to set Twitter name?

Go on "Plug-in manager" and find "Content - ITPShare". Open the extension and find Twitter settings on the right side. Fill the field "Twitter Name" with you Twitter account name.

Twitter name

How to change space between buttons?

After installation, you should find the file "plugins/content/itpshare/style.css". Open the file with your favourite text editor and change the values of the CSS property "margin-right". If missing "margin-right" in some of the CSS classes, you have to add.

Space between buttons

Why the extension shares my homepage?

It is not a bug in the extension. The social buttons ignore parameters in the URL. If you want to avoid that problem you have to enable Joomla! SEF.

  1. Go on "Global Configuration" -> tab "Site";
  2. Set "Yes" for the options "Search Engine Friendly URLs" and "Use Apache mod_rewrite";
  3. Rename the file "htaccess.txt" to ".htaccess";
  4. Save options;

Joomla SEF options

How to display Facebook "Share" button?

If you would like to display the "share" button you should set a Facebook App ID. You must also select "Yes" for the option "Display Share Button". You will find that option on the Faceboo Like section.

Facebook Send Button Options

The Facebook App ID is a unique number of your application. You will find the ID by going on Facebook Like Button page. To see the ID, you must be signed in to the social network. Enter your domain name and click on the button "Get Code". Copy the AppID and paste it in the field "Facebook App ID", on ITPShare options.

Facebook URL App ID

How to enable the extension to VirtueMart,...?

ITPShare uses native Joomla! events like onContentPrepare to display buttons. In some extensions, you have to enable this events. For example:


  1. Go to Configuration and find the option "Enable Joomla Plugin" and enable it.
  2. Save the options.

Enable ITPshare on VirtueMart

The comment widget of Facebook Share button does not appear. How to fix it?

It is a design issue that you have to fix by changing your CSS properties and their values. You can use Firebug (for Firefox browser) or Developer Tools in Chrome to find HTML elements that cut off the widget.

For example:

Facebook Send button issue

I disabled the property "overflow" and now all is OK. Sometimes you have to change value of the parameter "z-index".

Facebook Send button solution

How to translate ITPShare in your language?

You are able to translate the extension fast and easy using Transifex. You should join to the site and start with ITPShare translation project. You can find more information about the translation process from the article "How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language".


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